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Advantage-rx Review Summary

Advantage-rx was developed by Medicures, a Canadian based company, with satellite offices in North America, which was founded in 1996. Medicures focus is producing supplements which are 100% natural. They’re product line includes multi-vitamins, herpes formulas, breast enlargement formulas, acne treatment, blood purifiers and many others.

Advantage-rx is part of Medicures herbal “Viagra” line of supplements. Overall, in recent months many libido boosting and erectile enhancement products, such as Avantage-rx, have hit the market. Many of these products encompass much of the same herbal based technology, which we have seen in similar products. However, we will take a closer look to see what Advantage-rx can deliver in terms of advertised improved erections and increased libido.

Ingredients At A Glance
Advantage-rx ‘s formulary uses many herbs commonly found in Chinese Medicine, such as : Yin Yang Huo-Herba Epimedii, Ren Shen-Radix Ginseng and Fu Pen Zi-Fructus Rubi, as well as other herbs indicated on the website. Let’s briefly examine some of the ingredients in Advantage-rx.

Yin Yang Huo-Herba Epimedii is also known as Horny Goatweed. It is used in Eastern Medicine to aid in lowering blood pressure, improving sexual activity, ehancing sperm production, and in kidney and urinary tract issues.

Ren Shen- Radix Ginseng is a member of the Ginseng family, which is purported to help with athletic performance, fatigue, lowering blood pressure, increasing immunity and creating a sense of “feeling good”. Also, it has been used as a sexual ehancement aid for generations. Recently it is used in many formulas to improve erectile function because it could possibly dilate blood vessels, which could account for the reports of enhanced erectile function.

Tu Si Zi-Semen Cuscutae is an herb used in Chinese Medicine to treat ailments which have the side effects such as impotence, premature ejaculation, frequent urination and back pain.

Fu Pen Zi-Fructus Rubi is used in Eastern Medicine to help with issues such as impotence, and premature ejaculation. Recently, it has also been studied to see if it helps with prostate cancer, additional research is still being conducted.

Ingredients In Focus
In general, Advantage-rx’s formula is totally based on traditional Chinese medical theory and herbal technology, in order to try to enhance sexual feeling and increase libido. These herbs are combined to act on certain areas like the kidney or the spleen, believed in Chinese Medicine to help with both urinary issues and sexual problems. We believe further research is needed, to see if Chinese herbs are indeed helpful, with issues dealing with sexual function.

We were glad to see that this product included Ren Shen-Radix Ginseng in its formulary; it has been shown to have some usefulness in enhancing erectile function. However, we have seen these types of herbs used in countless natural supplements, already on the market, aimed at helping with erectile, libido and sexual enhancement issues. These ingredients are not reflective of any new theory or innovative herbal combining technique.

Nonetheless, we were disappointed that a modern herbal method of increased stamina, desire and erections, such as Yohimbe, was not included in the mix. Yohimbe Extract is an herb found in Africa, which has been shown through research to be a very good male aphrodisiac, recognized to increase sexual desire.

Advantage-rx would be a valuable product for someone looking to increase their sexual stamina and performance, through a purely Chinese Medicine based approached. We believe this approach may be valuable for some individuals, but clearly it is not for everyone.

While supplementation can help with sexual issues such as sexual desire, sensations and performance, there are many reasons in today society, why someone might experience sexual performance issues; such as tension, overwork, medications, and a wide range of other reasons. Some of the herbs used in this formula may help with this, but there is no research which indicates that they are a sure fire way to improve function.

• 100% safe ordering provided
• All shipments sent in unmarked plain packages
• Testimonials provided in the website

• Does not contain Yohimbe Extract
• Herbal information not presented in a user friendly format
• No free sample offered

Final Thoughts
In general, Advantage-rx would be useful for those looking for a sexual enhancement product based on a Chinese Medicine. While we were glad to see some ingredient information included on the website, we would have liked to have seen more user friendly information, presented in terms anyone could easily understand. We noticed that the information presented is geared more toward those who already have a basic understanding of Chinese Medicine.

Also, we would also have liked the website to cite whatever research they are using to create this formula, as well as to support their advertised claims of increased sexual function. Nonetheless, these types of products remain popular. Advantage-rx retails for $58.97 per bottle.

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