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Alpha Male Ultimate Formula

Alpha Male Ultimate Formula Review Summary

Alpha Male Ultimate Formula is a males sexuality enhancing product created by Herbal Powers, inc., a Florida based company, which has an extensive product line. Their product line includes supplements directed toward: cancer, cleansing, men’s issues, anti-aging and body building.

Alpha Male Ultimate Formula is advertised as a testosterone booster, as well as being able to increase sexual desire and circulation. We will thoroughly investigate this product to see if it can provide the results promised in their promotional materials.

Ingredients At A Glance
Alpha Male Ultimate Formula is an herbally based formula which includes the following ingredients in its blend: Epimedium Sagittatum, Cordyceps Sinensis, Morinda Officinalis, Eurycoma Longifolia, Codonopsis, Cuscu Pilosulae, Polugonum Multiforum, Alpiniae Oxyphyllae Fruit and Morus Alba Fruit, as well as other ingredients outlined on the website.

Codonopsis Pilosulae is a root used to treat a variety of conditions in Chinese Medicine. It is believed to help with poor appetite, fatigue and loose stools, as well as other ailments. It is traditionally used in conjunction with other Chinese herbs.

Epimedium Sagittatum is frequently used in Chinese medicine. It has shown good results in increasing sexual performance and stamina in men. It is also used to treat fatigue.

Cordyceps Sinensis is also called a Vegetable Caterpillars; it grows through out Asia and is producted by interactions between fungus and the larva of catipillars. It is used in Chinese Medicine as a tonic for good health. It is purported to be helpful in treating ailments having to do with liver, kidneys, heart, and immune system.

Morinda Officinalis has been used for centuries in China, where it is called "Bajitian". It has been used to treat premature ejaculation, infertility, incontinence frequent urination and irregular menses. There is not much research available on this herb; we believe further research is needed to determine its viability as a male sexual aid.

Polygonum Multiforum is also known as Fo-Ti, which has been widely used in Chinese Medicine, to help with high cholesterol, heart conditions, and chronic bronchitis. It is thought to have some affect on the creation of red blood cells.

Ingredients In Focus
In general, we believe that Alpha Male Ultimate Formula is more of an overall health tonic than a hard hitting male sexuality enhancement formula. It may make men “feel” better in a general way, instead of feeling better in an overtly sexual way. This product is very heavily based on Chinese Medical theory and herbal technology. This is not new; many products utilize herbs traditionally used in Chinese medicine in their formularies.

Nevertheless, we were glad to see that this formula contains Epimedium Sagittatum, which has a long history of being used successfully as a male aphrodisiac. It has been proven to be able to boost libido and stamina. However, we would have liked to see them include a modern testosterone booster in they’re formula such as Tribulus Terrestris. This herb has been shown to be able to successful boost testosterone in some men, which will increase overall sexual function.

This warning appears on the website “Alpha Male Ultimate Formula is not suggested for those with medical conditions, which make sexual activity unsafe. This may include those with late stage hypertension, carotid, peripheral vascular disease, or prior stroke”.

Alpha Male Ultimate Formula is purported to be testosterone booster. There are many such products currently on the market. This is due to the belief by many that lowered libido and sexual performance is linked to lowered levels of testosterone in men. A decrease in testosterone can occur at any age but it is more common in men who are over 40, when testosterone production usually peaks. This can create a male midlife crisis affecting men both sexually and psychologically.

Sexual symptoms associated with lowered testosterone product can include lowered sexual drive, impotence or some type of erectile dysfunction; sometimes leading to depression. However, we believe that holistic supplementation can help with this issue, when using proven herbal testosterone boosters.

• Uses Epimedium Sagittatum
• Vegetarian formula
• Confidential shipping

• Does not contain Tribulus Terrestris
• No testimonials on website
• Their customers do not like them at all and have negative things to say about their experiences. Click here to read a popular Alpha Male Ultimate Formula Blog.
• No research on website

Final Thoughts
Alpha Male Ultimate Formula is a male sexual enhancement product, which includes many herbs used in Chinese Medicine. As stated earlier, we believe that this product is more of an overall health tonic, than a focused male sexual fitness formula. However, it does use Epimedium Sagittatum, an herb used for generations in China, with excellent results, to boost sexual performance and stamina in men. We would have liked to have seen this product contain a more modern testosterone booster such as Tribulus Terrestris, which has a proven ability to increase testosterone production.

Products such as Alpha Male Ultimate Formula, which use a holistic model to try to increase male sexual fitness, can be helpful in restoring sexual health in some men. Alpha Male Ultimate Formula can be purchased on line for $49.95.

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