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Best Pheromone

Best Pheromone Review Summary

Best Pheromone is a cologne spray designed for men seeking to attract the opposite sex. It is manufactured by Primal Instinct and marketed as being the highest concentration of human pheromones available in topical form.

The product claims to contain androstenone, the male pheromone, which allows the wearer to attract women without even trying and without having to spend money on expensive colognes.

Primal Instinct manufactures other sprays containing female pheromones to attract men and gay pheromones to attract homosexual men.

Ingredients At A Glance
As stated, the Pheromone spray by Primal Instinct contains androstenone at the highest concentration.

Androstenone is supposedly a steroid contained in the sweat of both males and females, and the odor is not always detected with the same results. It is believed that the majority of men and women cannot smell it, and those that can have said the aroma to be unpleasant or sweaty. Prolonged exposure may help increase ability to detect it.

Ingredients In Focus
The body naturally produces pheromones and it is believed that they are secreted through the sweat glands; the use in nature seems to be to attract the opposite sex for reproduction. Only since the early 1980s have they been believed to have an effect on human sexual relationships.

It is possible that these chemicals can help reduce stress levels by affecting the central nervous system and it is generally believed that pheromones can help produce a feeling of ease and relaxation among those who detect them. They are apparently detected through tissues in the nose, which triggers a subconscious feeling of attraction in the brain.

Concentrated pheromone sprays are generally marketed as a way to send a signal to others that makes you irresistible, but scientific research on the subject is not strong.

Using a pheromone spray to attract women may be a way to help boost confidence for a man’s night out on the town; the product suggests that he will gain more attention from the opposite sex and make all those around him feel more comfortable.

This method may be appealing for men who feel like meeting women, but is the biggest challenge in their sex lives. For men experiencing different conditions in terms of sexual relations, such as impotency, or for those who feel that their sex drive has decreased, a cologne spray will not provide the help they seek. In these cases, an oral supplement would probably be a wiser choice.

Men have many choices of oral supplements, and products containing herbal blends tend to be effective for increasing libido, stamina and even testosterone levels. Herbs such as Tribulus Terrestris or Yohimbe are popular extracts used in male enhancement formulas; Tribulus has been shown to help increase testosterone levels in clinical studies and Yohimbe is often used to treat impotence because it increases blood flow to the penis. Using these types of products will help men perform; with this type of confidence, no additional signals need to be sent.

• Primal Instinct offers 60-day money-back guarantee
• Use appears to have no side effects

• Refers to scientific studies but does not cite them
• Chart statistics insufficient to determine accuracy of data
• No testimonials posted
• Product not intended to treat sexual dysfunction

Final Thoughts
As stated, pheromone sprays such as this are merely intended to attract. This product lacks sufficient research to back up its claim of containing high concentrations of androstenone, so it is unclear what effect this particular product will have if any.

Men seeking an enhancement to their sex lives cannot be guaranteed results with a product such as this. An oral supplement to help support healthy sexual function would be a better choice to treat chronic symptoms of erectile dysfunction or to boost the libido.

As discussed, herbal extracts like Tribulus Terrestris or Yohimbe are both widely used to enhance male sexual health; these elements help work internally and will be more effective and long lasting than an external spray.

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