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Bremelanotide Review Summary

Male sexual enhancement is on the forefront of the minds of many developers of holistic and pharmaceutical grade medications. For this reason, new products appear on the market quite often. Some holistic developers use elements such as yohimbe, which has been shown to be able to effectively increase erectile functioning-safely; while other developers spend their rime developing pharmaceutical grade medications such as Bremelanotide - PT141, which is currently under going the final stages of clinical trials.

What it is
Bremelanotide used to be known exclusively as PT-141. It is the first in a new generation of drugs, which are known as melanocortin agonists; used to address sexual dysfunction. It is hoped by its developers that its “mechanism of action” will offer users more safety than other products, because it does not directly affect the vascular system, which means it may not have the side effects associated with other pharmaceutical grade drugs currently on the market.

However, it still is in clinical trials, which means that side effects and issues may emerge with this product before the trials are complete. It has been our experience that many male sexual formulas that are created by pharmaceutical companies, do come along with some side effects.

Product in Focus
In fact very little is actually known about this new drug, and since it is the first in a new generation of drugs, there may well be more questions than answers at this point. Viagra works directly on the circulation system, as noted above, but Bremelanotide is suggested to work directly on the brain, where it is believed it will switch on the same neural circuitry that kicks in when an individual experiences sexual desire.

Also a nasal formulation of PT-141 is currently being developed to give consumers a choice of delivery systems. Nasal delivery systems are new to the market, but have been used to successfully deliver some vaccines, although it is uncertain that they are valuable in delivering all medications effectively. However, for those who have used injections and trans-urethral pellets this may well seem like a godsend if it is really effective.

Palatin Technologies is the developer of Bremelanotide PT-141, and it appears that they intend to market this product to men with erectile-dysfunction, who currently use other pharmaceutical grade medications to address this issue. Some websites report that are also considering seeking approval from the FDA to use this product to treat female sexual dysfunction, as well as addressing issues connected to postmenopausal issues that can impede sexual satisfaction. However, other developers, such as Pfizer have tried to market male sexuality enhancers for women, and to date none have been shown to be effective.

• May affect sexuality by affecting neurons
• Prescription, only when released onto the market

• Their customers do not like them at all and have negative things to say about their experiences. Click here to read a popular Bremelanotide Blog.
• At time of review, is still in the 3rd stage of clinical trials
• The developers may be over reaching in terms of drugs usability
• First in an unproven generation of sexually boosting drugs

Final Thoughts
Bremelanotide - PT141 is still in the third phase of its clinical trial, and while it may offer “hope” in terms of a new way of addressing sexual dysfunction for men, we feel it is in no way a sure thing. Clinical trials can go on for years, however, luckily there are other medications currently available to help men address these complicated and often frustrating issues.

However, not all men need or want to address issues around sexuality by using pharmaceutical grade medications. Some men do not want to worry or wrestle with the side effects that often go hand and hand with using these kinds of medications. For them the holistic market offers some viable alternatives that may successfully increase sexual functioning.

For instance, as noted above, Yohimbe has been use effectively to increase erectile functioning, no doubt because it contains Yohimbine, which has been shown in studies to be far more effective than a placebo in increasing penile blood flow, as well as boosting cGMP production to insure harder and stronger erections that last longer. A fast acting delivery system can also insure swift results.

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