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EnjoyX3 Review Summary

Reduced sexual performance is an issue many men deal with at one time or another, but for some men, augmenting performance may also simply be a matter of desiring to have an edge in the bedroom. EnjoyX3™ is a formula which is suggested to enable men to increase sexual desire and performance. However, it goes one step further by claiming that it may also ease fatigue, support kidney function, regulate blood flow, reduce cholesterol levels and increase muscle mass. Some developers stick to trying to augment one aspect of health, such as sexuality, while others seek to multitask and provide individuals with a variety of benefits. In some way, this may be a great idea, but in reality, the application is usually wanting; leaving a person with a formula too diluted to produce results.

Ingredients at a Glance
Our research has consistently shown that the only true way to measure a product’s ability to augment any health issue, including sexuality, is to carefully review its formulary. We strongly feel a product’s formulary is the true test of its effectiveness, and for this reason, we are disappointed to learn that EnjoyX3™ does not provide any information at this time about what they actually use in its formula.

Ingredients in Focus
On its website, the developer of EnjoyX3™ discusses Nitric Oxide’s role in male sexuality, which we feel is a valid point, but they fail to acknowledge how their product may affect NO production. However, this may lead some people to believe that it contains L-Arginine, which has been linked with increase erectile function by some developers. L-Arginine is actually an essential amino acid, which is found in a variety of foods many of us already eat. Some developers suggest that it works like Viagra® because of its role in the formation of Nitric Oxide, which is also needed for erections. However, recent studies have garnered mixed results, and, in fact, in one study it was shown to work no better than a placebo.

We feel it is truly unfortunate that they do not disclose the elements used in this formula, because it may contain some potent exacts. For instance, Yohimbine, a substance derived from the bark of the Yohimbe tree, was used for ED in Europe before Viagra® was developed. In fact, Yohimbe has been found to augment male sexuality because it may increase blood flow to the penis, and augment cGMP levels. These mechanisms are vital to creating hard, long lasting erections, so most pharmaceutical-grade medications seek to augment both of these mechanisms. When a dozen studies involving hundreds of participants were reviewed, it was found that this extract assisted men who were having erectile issues achieve better erections.

Sexual Lifestyle
We find it troubling that in the FAQ section of this website, they suggest that this product may not work the same time after time, and that it may require taking 2-3 pills at any given time to create results. This indicates to us that this product is inherently flawed, because effective male sexuality formulas usually produce the same results – time after time.

We believe that it is very important to know what you are taking, because while most holistic supplements are incredibly safe, some individuals experience adverse reactions or side effects. Also, elements such as Saw Palmetto, are often used in these formulas to augment prostate health, but one of their side effects may be lowered sexual functionality, which may be something people wish to know before starting a supplement.

• Available through its own website

• Does not disclose its formulary at this time
• May seek to address too many ailments and issues

Final Thoughts
Recently, there seems to have been a wave of sexuality enhancement products on the market which do not disclose their formularies to consumers. We believe this is a troubling development, because it requires that individuals suspend their disbelief and purchase a product without really knowing anything about it. EnjoyX3™ is one of these products, and without this information, we find it impossible to suggest using it.

However, we find there are some really effective products on the market created by developers who take pride in their formularies. These products usually contain a few key ingredients, such as Ginseng and Yohimbe. Also, we feel this formula seeks to address too many ailments and issues, and we suggest seeking out a formula that is designed to just augment male sexuality.

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