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Enlarge Me

Enlarge Me Review Summary

Enlarge Me is a penis enlargement product, developed by This is the only product that this company manufactures. Enlarge Me is purported by the website to be able to increase penis size by “between 15% and 30% in length and around 20% in thickness”.

Enlarge Me isn’t selling a holistic supplment but an actual device, which is purported to create penis enlargement. There have been many such products flooding the market using similar technology with slight variations. However, we take a good look at this product to see if it can deliever the promised results.

Product at a Glance
Enlarge me uses a traction based technology, using what the manufacturer calls the “EnlargeMe Extender”.

Product in Focus
This product operates on a theory based on traction, which means if you stretch the penis with an apparatus, such as the “EnlargeMe Extender, it will grow longer and thicker. The Enlarge Me Extender is fitted to fit over the penis, so that the penis actually looks like its in traction, and then the stretching begins. It is suggested that by wearing this device you can stretch your penis and increase its size from.50 to 3 inches in length. We were very disappointed that the website did not adress the issues of how this product works in more detail. It was actually very information light in terms of actual mechanics.

Enlarge Me operates on the theory that if the penis is subjected to consistent physical stress the tissue will break down, and then repair itself, filling in the space with new cells. We call this a theory because it is just that, there is no scientific research available that indicates that this procedure actually works or that it is safe for men. The website does not refer to any documented information on verified human studies confirming the safety or the viability of this device.

Manufacturers will often point to African tribesmen who stretch out parts of their bodies as part of their tribal rites, such as their necks. What the manufacturers don’t mention is that they usually start that process at a very young age, augmenting the growing process, when tissue and bone are not full developed. What they don’t mention is that you never see pictures on these websites of the tribesmen stretching out his penis or putting it into traction, that’s because they don’t. Which leads us to sad fact of life – there is no product, device or supplement, which will permanently increase penis size, regardless of the claims made by manufactures trying to sell their products.

This Entend me extender is fitted to the penis and worn during the day for a long period of time. We believe wearing this device while its streching the penis might have some affect on the lifestyle of some men, as well as creat a certain level of discomfort.

Research has shown that most men who believe their penis it is smaller than most others, usually have a normal size penis. The fact is, it is extremely rare for a man to have a micro penis. This condition is usually diagosed at some point during childhood. Some manufactures prey on this anxiety men feel about the size of their penis, but as we stated earlier, no device can increase penis size.

However, holistic supplementation can help with other issues such as premature ejaculation, erectile problems, loss of libido, sexual fatigue, decreased stamina and other issues of sexual fitness. Proven herbal fitness agents such as Yohimbe Extract, can be very helpful with male sexual dysfunction. Yohimbe Extract has shown excellent results in enhancing erections, by boosting blood flow to the penis, which creates harder longer lasting erections in some men.

• 60 day money back guarantee
• Free shipping

• No research regarding the Enlarge Me Extender posted
• No research provided regarding this products safety
• No product can permanently increase penis size
• Expensive

Final Thoughts
Enlarge Me is a product purported to increase penis size through a traction based technology. An Enlarge Me extender is placed over the penis during the day, and it is purported to stretch the penis, while it’s worn. We believe this presents some pretty complicated life lifestyle and comfort issues, considering the manufacturer suggests that it be worn everyday for three months. The Enlarge Me website suggests that this product can increase penis size, anywhere from .05 to 3 inches. We strongly believe that there is no product or supplement, which can permanently enlarge a man’s penis, no matter what the manufacturer advertises.

However, we firmly believe that herbally based products, which use proven male sexuality boosting herbs, such as Yohimbe Extract, can aid in many types of male dysfunction.

Enlarge me can be purchased on the website for $299.82

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