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Flex Arms: Bicep & Tricep Electronic Muscle Toning

Flex Arms: Bicep & Tricep Electronic Muscle Toning Review Summary

The Flex Arms® is here to help guys get their guns in shape, and it does the job in no time at all. This product is perfect for all guys: Whether you need to tone up, strengthen or enhance your current workout routine, this will do the job. The Flex Arms® is an Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) device designed to tone and strengthen the Bicep and Tricep muscles simultaneously on both arms. So you get a strong arms workout on both arms for both muscles in just 30 minutes, and you never have to lift a weight to do it.

Flex Arms® is impressive because it works and exercises the Bicep/Tricep muscles without the user needing to do any form of exercising while using it. You get the benefit of FDA-cleared, medical-grade technology that will tone your muscles like no other. Flex Arms® is clinically proven to work within weeks for 100% of users. With the electrical muscle stimulation, the Flex Arms® is able to actually work your muscles for you – just like lifting weights. But this time, it’s all gain and no pain….and no sweating.

It’s not easy to have good looking arms – and the guys that do work hard at it. If you’ve ever tried to seriously tone and build up your Bicep/Tricep muscles, then you know how difficult it can be to get that tight, toned or even strong appearance. Whether you work with free weights, on the gym machines, your own bodyweight exercises or even cardio training like the elliptical machine, you know that it’s no simple feat to keep the arms looking toned and firm. In fact, it’s time-consuming and painful -- hence the ‘No Pain, No Gain’ phrase that body builders live by.

With the Flex Arms®, you can adjust the arm units to an intensity level (1-99) that’s right for your training experience. You’ll get all the benefits of a moderate to intense arms workout without a trip to the gym or a lift of the dumbbell. This is may be the greatest thing about this EMS technology. You can use it while working, taking care of things around the house, walking, surfing the net, cooking, etc. It’s a great way to multitask. It will literately flex your Bicep and Tricep muscles for you while you go about your day. And you don’t have to motivate yourself to go to the gym for painful exercising. If you don’t make it to the gym much, this product will be your workout…guaranteed.

Of course, it is always good to get in the gym and work out. If you do it – this product will only enhance it. Even Body Builders and Professional Athletes use the Flex Arms® after a hard workout just to take it to the next level. Just look at Jerry Rice, hall of fame wide receiver – he stands behind the Flex® range. Bruce Lee, everyone’s favorite martial arts legend, or Lee Haney, the body building champion of the world – these guys all used the EMS technology that’s employed by Flex® Range to boost their athletic performance.

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Flex Arms® -- Medical Grade Technology
The Flex® products, including the Flex Arms®, all employ EMS technology that has been in use for the last thirty years in the healthcare industry. The Flex® products are known and praised for their effectiveness, and they’re by far the best EMS devices for the strengthening and toning of various body parts. In fact, the Flex® technology is the same technology that has been used by pro athletes, their trainers, therapists, chiropractors and massage therapists. These pros use EMS technology to help both top-notch athletes and injured people condition, tone and strengthen their muscles.

The Flex® line of products is the first EMS line to be cleared by the FDA for sale as a class II medical device. That means that now these products can be sold directly to consumers and not just to health care professionals. Now that people can buy the Flex® Range of products for themselves, word-of-mouth is spreading fast. In fact, in the short time they’ve been released, the Flex® range of products has sold more than 2.5 million units in America.

The parent company of the Flex® line is based in Galway, Ireland. The company can boast 40 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and marketing products like Flex Arms®. The company’s products have been used in 5,000 clinics around the globe. So it’s obvious that we’re not talking about another infomercial gimmick. Instead, we’re dealing with medical-grade technology that tones your body and can be used in the comfort of your own home.

All Flex® products go through clinical trials in order to meet FDA standards. This trial had over 300 people involved. The Flex Arms® clinical study showed that in less than eight weeks: • 100% of users said it worked in some way
• 97% of users said they felt more confident in sleeveless shirts
• 96% said there arms were more attractive
• 92% of users said their arms were more toned
• 92% of users say it is easy to fit into their daily routine

Click here to learn more about Flex Arms® on the official site
Website in Focus
The official Flex Arms® site is a very useful resource for any guy interested in employing this technology for the benefit of getting toned, stronger arms. The site is awesome and has all you need to understand how this technology works and how easy Flex Arms® is to use. Many resources, including diagrams and videos, explain how their EMS technology works and how Flex Arms® will help work your arms into those attractive guns we all want. Consumer response to this product has been extremely enthusiastic. Those who try it, love it…

The product website also features information on other Flex® products. The company is perhaps most famous for the Flex Belt®, which is used to tone all the stomach muscles. We suggest seeing what their current customers have to say by checking out this popular Flex Arms® blog website.

The Flex Arms® costs $199.99. For FDA-cleared, medical-grade technology, this isn’t too much to pay. Most of us may be ready to shell out a lot more for something this good.

Furthermore, all Flex Arms® orders come with a 60-day money-back guarantee. The 60 days is enough time to make up your mind about a device that works this well. But if you don’t see any results in that amount of time, just send your Flex Arms® back and get a refund. You really can’t lose.

Final Thoughts
If you’re interested in toning, strengthening and even building your Biceps and Triceps, Flex Arms® is the real deal. After a year’s worth of clinical trials and FDA clearance, the product is definitely going to make a difference. And besides, you can trust the EMS technology that has been used in the medical industry for decades. Now that it’s available to the average consumer, there’s no reason not to take advantage of it. This is a major advancement in the fitness world: effective muscle-building and toning, without a trip to the gym (or in addition to your gym workout to get a further edge).

We recommend this clinically proven product. If it cuts the mustard for Doctors, Sports Therapists, Body Builders, Jerry Rice and the FDA, chances are it will make a difference for you.

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