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Healthy Pores - Men’s ACNE Treatment

Healthy Pores - Men’s ACNE Treatment Review Summary

It can be hard to connect with the ladies when you’re worried about acne. In fact, many men report that having acne is a confidence killer. Some of this is because Acne first starts during the teenage years, when we are very focused on dating and sex. Acne can be a life long issue for some, due to the acne related facial scaring that often occurs. Acne clearly strikes both men and women, but it can be a bit different for men, because hormones contribute to the development of acne and men naturally have more hormones surging through there systems than women.

Many developers of acne products and systems don’t take men’s needs into account, but we have finally come across a product that is both effective, and extremely focused on the needs of men. HealthyPores uses a 3 prong strategy to help eradicate acne. It does this by keeping pores open and clean; killing acne causing bacteria; and controlling over active hormones that can contribute to acne outbreaks.

These are three of the most effective and proven methods of acne relief. However, our finds show that they are not just highly effective in terms of strategy, but they have also created formularies that use the most focused and highly developed ingredients possible, thereby giving their products an extremely high level of success-out performing other acne formulas.

Also, our research found that male users of HealthyPores reported that it has helped them significantly reduce outbreaks, and in many cases has stopped acne in its tracks. The fact that this developer understands the psychology of men and their reluctance to get help has actually allowed them to reach out more effectively to men who have acne; thereby helping them reduce their risk of getting acne scars. Users report that it was the testimonials posted on this website by men who have successfully used this product that had the greatest effect on them in terms of showing them exactly what HealthyPores can do to revitalize their skin health.

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HealthyPores Focus
HealthyPores is clearly an acne product that is geared toward both men and women, but they do show a unique understanding of the issues that instigate and continue to trigger acne outbreaks in men. In fact for men, hormones play a huge role in triggering excessive production of sebum, which is an irritant that can clog the pores of the skin. Meanwhile the bacteria in the skin begins to work together with the sebum to create a build up of oil, dead skin cells and bacteria-thereby creating an acne outbreak complete with red spots, pimples, nodules or cysts.

What we really like about the HealthyPores system is that it attacks the different causes of acne; using ingredients and concepts that reach acne at its source. Some products only try to attack one or two of these avenues, because it takes an intense knowledge of both acne and skin health to develop highly effective formulas in each of these areas. It is always refreshing when a product developer goes to any lengths to address acne on every level possible.

HealthyPores Design
HealthyPores is designed to be used in a step-by-step fashion, each step addressing a different aspect and underlying cause of acne. In the first step, users employ a natural skin exfoliating facial wash which is made up of a 2% concentration of Salicylic Acid, which our research suggests is highly effective in unblocking pores, as well as being particularly effective in easing stubborn acne. This facial wash has been so effective users often report that they notice that the black and white heads they have wrestled with for years disappeared immediately. However, this facial wash is gentle, yet deep cleaning, so it does not require scrubbing, which is great because scrubbing has been shown to only make acne worse.

Tea Tree Oil is the key to the second phase of this system, which is a treatment cream that attacks acne causing bacteria. Tea tree is an effective natural antibacterial agent, which has been shown to be able to eradiate the out of control bacteria that plays a large role in the continuation of acne. In fact, skin care specialists and researchers have used it extensively to kill bacteria, which lives on the skin surface, so that new and healthy skin cells can begin to grow unhindered.

It is the third phase of this system that separates the men from the boys so to speak, with its unique focus on balancing hormones, thereby addressing acne from the inside out. Unlike many other systems, the developers of HealthyPores have created highly specialized nutritional capsules, which contains a proprietary herbal blend. Our findings show that these elements can address holistically the four main causes of acne. This formulary helps remove toxins from the body, balance the nervous system, reduce inflammation and even balance the hormones.

For more information on these different steps we suggest checking out the website, which gives a more in-depth view.

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Sexual Lifestyle
For the most part, men usually don’t write testimonials, even if a product improves the overall quality of our work, sex and family life. However, we found on many outside consumer driven websites that men wrote in to let their peers know that HealthyPores helped them “get ride of their acne”, as well increase their overall confidence levels at work and in the bedroom.

Also on the HealthyPores website we found that women wrote in to say how much this product had worked for their boyfriends, husbands and sons. One woman wrote: “we were doing some searches on the internet one night, when we saw HealthyPores™ Acne System and decided to give it a try. Since then, my husband’s skin problems have cleared right up and he only gets the occasional pimple or two now if he gets particularly dirty or sweaty during his shifts. So we’ve told a lot of his co-workers about HealthyPores ™ and some of them are using your products too!"

• Product has many testimonials
• Uses a highly effective three prong attack on acne
• Addresses the hormonal causes for acne in men
• Uses highly focused formulas that use the most effective ingredients available
• Currently offering may price breaks

• No free trial, but does offer a 100% guarantee
• Very in-depth website, may require additional time to review for some

Final Thoughts
Acne is a serious issue which can have both physical and psychological affects on men and women. However, it is an issue for which many men are reluctant to seek treatment and many developers don’t really factor men’s needs into the acne equation. For this reason, we were glad to see that the developers of HealthyPores have created a system that addresses the needs of men, and which is also extremely effective for them in particular. HealthyPores unlike others on the market, addresses the hormone related underlying causes of acne in men, by including a nutritional supplement specially formulated to alleviate this issue-taking holistically based acne treatment to a higher level of success.

We really liked that HealthyPores is easy to use, so that it can be easily integrated into a busy lifestyle. Also, Male users have reported that using HealthyPores has helped them drastically reduce signs and symptoms of acne-making them look and feel better. Men have also reported that they noticed an increased level of confidence in their day-to-day lives, and as mentioned, this has translated into improved performance at work, at play and in the bedroom.

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