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Herbal Groups

Herbal Groups Review Summary

Herbal Groups, Inc is marketed as the world’s leading herbal supplier; it claims to have been an innovative force in the all-natural herbal industry for eight years and manufactures a variety of products.

The company’s products are available for worldwide wholesale distribution and they also private label any product to meet other companies’ product line needs. Herbal Groups, Inc claims to manufacture supplements for every health category.

About Herbal Groups, Inc
The company has been marketing and manufacturing herbal supplements since 1997. The products are available direct-to-consumer and via wholesale, and the company claims to have pioneered online affiliate programs and partnered with multi-million dollar companies such as Vivid Video.

The company manufactures supplements for everyday maladies and to aid in sexual dysfunction symptoms. The products for everyday ailments are marketed under the “Longlife Solutions” label, and include supplements for supporting prostate health, smoker’s health, hangover prevention, internal cleansing, joint pain relief and multi-vitamins. The male sexual dysfunction products are marketed under different brands, and are generally meant to improve erection quality, enhance libido and help prevent premature ejaculation. The company also manufactures products for female enhancement.

Herbal Groups, Inc markets their products on the TV, radio and Internet and claims to maintain a proprietary relationship with the laboratories they use in order to assure the consistency of their products through quality control.

Male Virility Product Line
As mentioned, Herbal Groups, Inc manufactures a variety of products for male enhancement. The most “mainstream” product they make is Mega Results, which has been “aggressively branded” for four years on the radio and with direct mail, magazine and newspaper advertising. Other oral supplements include Herbal Vivid, Vivid Virility, and Herbal Virility, all of which contain an almost identical blend of ingredients, and the Elexan Patch, an alternative to a pill.

Several new products are advertised on the company’s Web site. Activ-OTC Virility Strips are marketed as the only products designed to dissolve on the tongue, and are supposed to work on a “moment’s notice.” The strips come in cherry flavor, possibly helping to freshen the breath. The other new product, Marathon 21, is designed to overcome erectile dysfunction and make the consumer feel “21 again” – the only selling point the advertising makes for the product is that it should be tried because it is “new.”

Herbal Groups, Inc also manufactures several of its products in concentrated liquid form for enhancing erections and a spray form for improving sensations during oral sex. They also make an energy beverage.

Lifestyle Benefits
For men looking for herbal alternatives to enhance sexual health, products from Herbal Groups, Inc may be an appealing option. As discussed, the company manufactures a variety of products to aid in various symptoms of sexual dysfunction and provides different methods.

We appreciate the products are all herbal and that the company claims to maintain a relationship with the laboratories because the quality of herbal extracts makes a difference in the potency of the formula. Because the company manufactures their products for private label branding, it is possible to purchase a product that has an identical formula to others without realizing that it is not unique.

The company appears to be more concerned with the marketing of its products than with developing the most effective formulas in terms of enhancing male sexual health. For men concerned with potency of the herbal blend, products that claim to use high quality extracts and the most synergistic blend of ingredients may be more beneficial.

• Company manufactures a variety of products
• Claims to use herbal ingredients

• Does not provide research on ingredients
• Promotes marketing aspect more than quality
• No information on who began or runs the company

Final Thoughts
Herbal Groups, Inc manufacture’s and markets an extensive list of products for treating many ailments even sexual dysfunction. We appreciate the herbal approach, but we would like to see medical and scientific research posted on the Web site.

The company lists all of its products and briefly describes each one by what it can do or how it is marketed. No mention of ingredients are listed in the descriptions of the male enhancement formulas, and for all of the information the Web site provides, there are no links to research studies or any medical or scientific references provided. Additionally, no names are given of who is running the company.

Herbal Groups, Inc seem to be successful at marketing its products, with the television, radio and print advertisements, but in the end it seems more concerned with how the products are perceived than with what they actually contain. For men seeking a product to support overall health, companies that emphasize the quality of their herbal extracts and effectiveness of their blends will be more likely to provide a top-quality supplement. Seek out products and companies who post numerous postive customer testimonials.

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