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Welcome to We bring you the most up-to-date and accurate information for men that are interested in improving their appearance, well-being and sexual health. We understand that all men would like to have a satisfying love life and improve their sexual performance. There are now literally thousands of male sexual health products and programs on the market. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by all of the different choices. Here at we have brought you America’s largest source of informative reviews for the pills, programs and other various products you should be educated on before spending your money.

Rather than taking marketing claims about Male Sexual Health products at face value, we wanted to answer these main questions:
  • Who are the companies selling these products?
  • What is in their product all about (ie: ingredients & manufacturing techniques)?
  • What do their current customers report about their products?
  • What is different and special about their product(s)?
  • Are the claims they make true?
  • How is their customer service?
  • What are their refund policies and product guarantees?

These are the real questions that needed to be answered so that the consumer can make an informed decision. The Mans Choice™ has conducted hundreds of comprehensive studies, reviews and evaluations on many different products and programs that cater to men. If there is a product you would like information about, we should have it for you...

HoodiaBites Review Summary

HoodiaBites® are candy-like chews that contain over 500mg of active Hoodia per piece. They are the most potent, fast-acting form of Hoodia available in America proven to work in minutes, not hours after consumption, as its not a capsule. Simply eat one Hoodia Bite® when you are feeling hungry and within minutes the rapid assimilation will take place and the P57 molecule will tell your brain it is full. From our findings, there is not a faster way to kill your appetite….Click HERE to Learn More
Review Summary

The HoodiaBites® website lists some very detailed information about their key ingredient:

***A key factor about the Hoodia in Hoodiabites® is that it is certified REAL South African Hoodia and it has been used in a clinical trial. Most products that contain Hoodia can not guarantee either of these important components.

*Hoodia is the latest breakthrough in appetite suppressants, and it has been featured on programs like 60 Minutes, CBS News, Oprah and many more. Hoodia contains a compound called ‘P57’, which is a molecule that makes you feel full.

In the HoodiaBites® clinical trial, two test groups were given equal diets and placed in a setting where they were to remain sedentary. One group was given HoodiaBites® and the other, a placebo. The HoodiaBites® group consumed on average 1000 calories a day less than the placebo group and lost an average of 10 pounds per month with no added exercise.

The proprietary Hoodiabites® manufacturing process extracts the active components in the plant more than 20 times their normal strength. So the formula is extremely effective and this is why it works.

Hoodia is definitely the most effective non-prescription weight loss ingredient on the market and HoodiaBites® contains the most superior form that we have found anywhere.

A detailed listing of the other ingredients can be found on

Healthy Lifestyle

The HoodiaBites® website has a lot of awesome Before and After pictures that we strongly suggest checking out. The drastic weight loss in these people is inspiring. These are definitely some of the best pictures we have seen on any diet website. Before and After pictures are very hard to come by. In order to actually send in their pictures, customers have to be truly enthusiastic about the product that inspired their new trim figure. HoodiaBites® obviously has a strong customer following.

Check out the Before & After Pics Here.


HoodiaBites® is fairly priced considering that the product has the clinically proven highest quality form of Hoodia in America.

  • A one month supply cost $49.99
  • A two month supply cost $89.98 (a $10 savings)
  • A three month supply cost $119.97 (a $30 savings)
  • A four month supply cost $144.96 (a $50 savings)
Obviously the four month supply is the best value. We recommend just starting off with the four month supply because chances are good that you will like the product and this is the best value for money per container. HoodiaBites also come with a full 60-Day Money Back Guarantee….so you have nothing to lose with this option.


The website lists solid info about what makes the Hoodia in HoodiaBites® stand apart from all other Hoodia products -- it is certified REAL South African Hoodia and it has been used in a clinical trial. Most products that contain Hoodia can not guarantee either of these important components.

The sad truth is that most companies that sell Hoodia are NOT actually using the real form of the plant from Africa that has been proven to carry the P57 molecule and suppress your appetite. The reason for this is because South African Hoodia has become scarce and very expensive. Most products in America claiming to use hoodia are actually using a domestic synthesized version that is no where near as effective. The Hoodia brought to you by HoodiaBites® contains 100% Certified Organic Hoodia from South Africa and they have the certification to prove it!

The Hoodia in HoodiaBites® contains the only form of Hoodia that has been clinically tested in America. We recommend visiting the official HoodiaBites® website to read the details of their study.

In addition to their informative website, we recently contacted the staff at Hoodiabites® and found their Customer Care Staff to be both helpful and informative. We were pleased to find out, that the makers of Hoodiabites® have been in business for over a decade.

Another powerful bonus you get with HoodiaBites® is that the product is sponsored by some major healthy lifestyle magazines. In fact, with any size order of HoodiaBites® you will also receive a FREE 1-year magazine subscription to amazing titles like Shape, Star, Elle, Premier and Home. It gives HoodiaBites® a lot of credibility to see that they are backed by major titles. It is also a pretty amazing deal when you consider that a regular subscription to these titles costs $60-$120.

HoodiaBites® come with a full 60-Day Money Back Guarantee….this is the best guarantee we have seen on the market.

Click Here To Visit the Official HoodiaBites® Website


The strengths of HoodiaBites® are evident. The formula has the most potent, fast acting form of Hoodia in America. They have had a clinical study conducted proving that their formula works in just minutes and guarantees weight loss. Their Hoodia is proven to be from South Africa where the P57 molecule is strongest. Each piece taste great and gives you 500mg of Hoodia! The customer Before & After pictures are very compelling. HoodiaBites® is manufactured under a process, which is GMP approved (Good Manufacturing Practices). The Free 1Year magazine subscription HoodiaBites® offers with all orders is a fun bonus. If you are not satisfied with HoodiaBites® you can simply call them and get a refund within 60 days and you don’t even need to return your unused product.

There are a LOT of Hoodia products on the market. Some of them are combined with other ingredients that actually boost your metabolism and burn fat etc….but, if you are looking for a pure Hoodia product, HoodiaBites® are definitely the absolute best on the market. This is certainly the product to get if you want to kill your appetite so you eat less and drop the weight quickly.

Click Here To Visit the Official HoodiaBites® Website

Our Editors Choice:
Week of: Tue Aug 11th, 2020
Zialipro - Zialipro is probably the most raved about male sexual enhancement pill we have seen. Its customers simply love the product. This product also has more testimonials than any other product in this industry. If you are looking for a product in this field, you need to at least visit the official Zialipro® website and check out their testimonials page—it is endless. Customers report to get very effective and noticeable results. This formula delivers both immediate and long-term results. We highly recommend checking this product out. Read a Full review of Click HERE to Learn More

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