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Impeous Man

Impeous Man Review Summary

Impeous Man is a dietary supplement that makes rather large promises. The maker of this capsule-based product claims that it will both increase the size of the penis, as well as “cure” erectile dysfunction. While this promise may seem very attractive, we would like to note that any supplement which claims to increase the size of the penis is usually bogus. There are plenty of products on the market that claim to do so, but our research finds most are much more effective in their advertisements than in real life.

Nonetheless, we will still take a closer look at Impeous Man to determine if the formula may be capable of providing men with any other sexual enhancements or benefits.

Ingredients at a Glance
The maker of this product says that Impeous Man will improve blood flow to the penis, as well as stimulate a growth gland that they claim may make tissue cells multiply and grow again. However, at this time, the company does not disclose which ingredients contained within Impeous Man are meant to address these issues. Many people are likely to find the lack of an ingredient list very frustrating, since without one, they are incapable of ensuring that this product contains a quality formula, and it also makes it harder to avoid potential allergic reactions.

Ingredients in Focus
Since we find penis enlargement products are not likely to work, some men may prefer to look into other options that are on the market. We feel that products which contain an effective testosterone booster may provide a number of benefits, and suggest that men who are interested research the ingredient, Tribulus Terrestris.

This ingredient is said to increase the production of the sex hormone, LH, which may then lead to boosted amounts of testosterone. Such an effect may increase stamina, enhance physical performance and augment sex drive. Also, boosted testosterone levels may be especially attractive to men who have experienced drops in the hormone due to the natural aging process. This is because increased levels of testosterone may also strengthen muscles and fortify bones and tissues, as well as amplify energy levels.

Lifestyle Benefits
Ultimately, research has shown that most men who feel they have a small penis actually have a normal size, and that the majority of men likely have no need for a penis enlargement product. Again, while an herbal supplement has not been shown to enlarge the penis, we believe herbs may effectively aid men with other sexual concerns and issues. The herb Yohimbe has been shown to alleviate some concerns by increasing blood flow to the penis, which may lead to stronger and firmer erections, which may improve overall sexual performance. Unfortunately, it does not appear that this supplement contains Yohimbe.

• Said to contain basic ingredients

• Manufacturer makes seemingly unrealistic promises
• No product website as of review
• Dissatisfied consumers have begun speaking out about the poor results this product has produced. To hear about their negative experiences, you can click here to read a number of posts in this Impeous Man blog.
• Complete ingredient list is not disclosed at time of writing
• Does not appear to contain an effective testosterone booster
• Rather expensive
• Formula does not seem to include Yohimbe

Final Thoughts
In the end, we find many penis enlargement products are nothing more than a scam, and this product does not appear any different. Not only does the manufacturer of Impeous Man not provide a disclosed ingredient list as of review, but they also fail to provide an informative product website that displays cited research to indicate that the formula has been tested and reviewed for safety and effectiveness. However, those who wish to test the effectiveness of Impeous Man may purchase a bottle with just 10 capsules for around $15. Regardless, most penis enlargement products we have come across on the market do not work as advertised, and men who buy this supplement hoping for the advertised results may be very disappointed.

We believe that there are effective herbal sexual aids available, and we specifically recommend a product with the previously mentioned ingredients, Tribulus and Yohimbe.

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