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Instamaxx Review Summary

The first time you experience some kind of erectile issue, it may be extremely frustrating and bewildering to say the least. However, it happens to many men during the course of their lifetime. It may be a one time occurrence, an issue that emerges from time to time, or an ongoing chronic problem. More and more men are experiencing issues with their sexual performance, desire and sex drive - some experts point to our often too fast lifestyles that routinely include over work, worry and stress, all of which may cause a rise in these issues.

Men who are seeking a solution for these issues often look for support in the holistic market, which has advanced in terms of technology and ingredients in the last few years. Some developers have gained a better understanding of what elements work best together, thereby crating some really potent products, while others simply seem to slap elements together to make a sale.

Instamaxx is promoted as a holistic supplement that is engineered to enable men to have more effective erections, while also increasing their sex drive and pleasure. Let’s take a look at this formula to see what it may have to offer men in terms of enhanced sexual prowess and performance.

Ingredients at a Glance
Instamaxx contains some of these elements: Eurycoma Longifolia, Flos Catharmi, Rhizoma Cucurmae Longae, Ginkgo Biloba, Herba Epimedii, Herba Cistanches and Astragalus Membranaceus.

Ingredients in Focus
The developer of Instamaxx promotes Eurycoma Longifolia as being the lynchpin of their formula’s success. They indicate that it has been widely used throughout Asia for centuries to “cure erectile dysfunction and low libido”, as well as a way to increase immunity and testosterone levels in men. In reality, it has a long history of being used as an antimalarial, antipyretic, antiulcer, cytotoxic and aphrodisiac.

Eurycoma Longifolia is often also found in muscle and strength building supplements. Research has indicated that it may have some ability to enhance sexual characteristics and performance in animals. But this same ability has not been duplicated in human studies at this time, which means it may not produce the same results in humans. It is important to remember that humans and animals have very different metabolisms and reproductive systems, so what turns on a rat may not turn on a man, and visa versa.

Flos Catharmi and Ginkgo Biloba are both used in this formula to increase penile blood flow in order to enable men to achieve better erections. Ginkgo is often used as a substitute for Yohimbe, but unfortunately, its abilities in this arena may not be as effective. Ginkgo is suggested to increase circulation, but in reality, it has been shown to be an intense memory booster - so much so it is being studied as a way to assist those individuals who have dementia. For this reason, many savvy individuals will seek out products that use Yohimbe instead.

Sexual Lifestyle
Epimedium is used in this formula, which we believe is actually a great choice on the developer’s part. It has a long and successful history of being used in traditional Chinese medicine to increase sexuality - in fact, it is also known as Horny Goat Weed. It is full of healthful elements such as flavonoids, polysaccharides, sterols and magnaflorine. Most researchers are still unclear as to how Epimedium increases erectile functioning, libido or sexual vitality, but they are certain it does work. In studies, it has been shown to been extremely effective. It also works incredibly well when used with other sexuality enhancers.

• Contains Epimedium

• Does not contain Yohimbe
• No testimonials posted at time of review
• Does not have a history in the holistic market

Final Thoughts
Instamaxx may enable some men to increase their sexuality, due to the fact that it contains Epimedium. But, while it is advertised to significantly enhance sexuality, we remain unconvinced that it may have the intensity most men need to reverse erectile issues. Also, we are a bit disappointed to see that this developer fails to post a money-back guarantee.

This is a feature we always suggest people look for when ordering online, especially when ordering holistic supplements from a developer such as this one, which is rather new to the market. They post an e-mail address, so people may contact them regarding any questions they may have. This may be fine, but we prefer to see developers also provide a telephone number.

We believe customer service is a really important part of purchasing a product, especially when buying holistic supplements, because people often have questions about how to use a product, or about possible side effects associated with the ingredients. For this reason, we always suggest purchasing products created by developers that have a reputation for providing good quality and friendly customer care.

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