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Jelique Pure Instinct

Jelique Pure Instinct Review Summary

Jelique Pure Instinct™ is advertised as a ”sex attractant cologne” that uses pheromones in its formula to gain attention from the opposite sex.

The gender-friendly fragrance claims to be formulated for stimulation of sex appeal and the benefits associated are an elevated confidence, enhanced mood and an awakening of the senses. We will take a closer look at the formulation below.

Ingredients At A Glance
The main active compound in sprays designed to attract attention are “pheromones”. Pure Instinct™ also has essential oils – it is advertised as gender-friendly, but the actual description of the scent is not provided.

Most pheromone sprays are supposed to contain a simulated version of the male steroid androstenone supposedly contained in the sweat glands, and the description of the odor varies among individual detections. It is believed that prolonged exposure may help increase ability to detect it, since the majority of men and women are not able to pick up on the smell - those that can have said the aroma to be somewhat unpleasant or sweaty.

Ingredients In Focus
Pheromones are naturally produced in the body and it is thought that they are secreted through the sweat glands. They were first detected in animal studies and the purpose in nature seems to be to attract the opposite sex for reproduction. In the early 1980s scientific studies were conducted showing an effect on human sexual relationships.

These chemicals are apparently detected through tissues in the nose, which triggers a subconscious feeling of attraction in the brain. They may help reduce stress levels by affecting the central nervous system and it is generally believed that pheromones can help produce a feeling of ease and relaxation among those who detect them.

While concentrated pheromone sprays tend to be marketed as a way to attract attention from the opposite sex and make the wearer become absolutely irresistible, the scientific research on the subject is not strong.

The marketing of Pure Instinct™ suggests wearing the spray daily as way to feel more desirable. For men who feel that their sexual problems stem from an inability to find a partner, this may be an appealing option to try to get back in the game. If the problems tend to be deeper, however, pheromones will not provide the needed support.

For men experiencing problems getting or maintaining erections or loss of libido, a pheromone spray will not even touch on these symptoms. For those who feel the condition is more serious, an oral supplement is recommended. Herbal supplements are available for these symptoms – herbs tend to be more convenient and just as effective as many pharmaceutical drugs, and do not have the same side effects associated with them. They generally can provide an increase in sex drive and some contain elements for increasing testosterone levels.

Products containing the herb Tribulus Terrestris have been found to be quite effective in providing stamina, increasing libido and supporting male hormone levels. Tribulus has been clinically shown to increase testosterone levels, and also to increase sperm count. For men concerned with maintaining healthy testosterone levels for supporting sexual function, products containing this herbal extract can be of assistance. As testosterone levels tend to deplete naturally with age, men may find this to be a factor in their lack of success in finding sexual partners.

• Available for a reduced price
• Product is even cheaper when bought in bulk

• No testimonials posted
• No scientific research behind product’s formula
• Does not support overall male sexual health
• Scent of essential oils not provided

Final Thoughts
Pheromone sprays are thought to be a convenient and harmless way to attract the opposite sex. While it may be an interesting way to try to seek attention, it will not assist in treating symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

As mentioned, herbal supplements taken on a daily basis will most likely provide the desired results for enhancing sexual function. Not only do herbs like Tribulus help boost testosterone levels and increase sex drive, they also can help increase confidence by assuring that a strong sexual performance is possible. Women are drawn to confident men, and this can be a much more powerful attractant than pheromones.

As mentioned, we do not like the fact that the scent is not described. Although it is said to be gender-friendly, it must be pleasing to the man who wears it, especially if it is to be used on a daily basis. A strong odor can be just as much of a deterrent as an attractant, and it is important to know how this will be detected. We recommend herbal supplements that can help provide assistance in all aspects of male health.

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