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Lang Yi Hao

Lang Yi Hao Review Summary

Lang Yi Hao is promoted as being an “herbal Viagra”, as are many other holistically-based products geared toward enabling men to have better erectile functioning. This is because Viagra® is the standard against which many products are measured. It is a selective inhibitor of cGMP specific phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5), which is responsible for causing erections to degrade. cGMPis responsible for building them, and PDE5 is responsible for bringing them down. Sometimes this mechanism misfires, thereby making it hard to have or keep an erection.

Lang Yi Hao is advertised to support most men with "ED achieve harder erections” in as little as 60 minutes. It is also suggested to increase partner satisfaction and to be extremely safe. Let’s take a look at its formulary to see if the ingredients may actually produce these results.

Ingredients at a Glance
As of this review, the Lang Yi Hao website only provides minimal information regarding the elements used in this product. They indicate that Epimedium, Rehmannia Root and Deer Root are used in its formulary, as well as a mix of undisclosed elements. We always find it troubling when developers don’t fully disclose their formulary.

Ingredients in Focus
We know that Lang Yi Hao contains Epimedium, Rehmannia Root and Deer Root, but what we also know is that none of these elements have an innate ability to increase erections in a fashion similar to Viagra®. The only herbal extracts that we know of that have this capability are Damiana and Yohimbe. They each have an ability to directly and succinctly increase erectile functioning. Yohimbe in particular has been shown to augment the amount of cGMP in the penis, as well as increase the blood flow to the penis – both of which are needed to increase erections.

That said, Epimedium has a built-in ability to ease erectile fatigue, which may assist some men who are not wrestling with an extreme form of erectile dysfunction achieve some improvement in their erections. While its exact mechanism of action has not been fully explained in research studies, it has been shown to be extremely effective in boosting sexual desire, stamina and restoring sexual vitality.

Rehmannia Root has a history of being used in Traditional Chinese Medicine with other extracts to address impotence, but at this time it has not been shown to be extremely effective when used on its own. However, it has been shown to enable some people to manage their blood sugar levels. Deer Root is a relatively unknown quantity on the holistic market, but it is suggested to improve the male libido. However, we find there is little research at this time to suggest its viability.

Sexual Lifestyle
The webpage for Lang Yi Hao does not provide a telephone number for their customer care department, which is always an issue for us. It has been our experience that developers who don’t provide a direct link to customer service may be a bit unsure about their product’s ability to provide the advertised results.

As of this writing, this developer also does not post testimonials which highlight their customer’s success with this product. Men in general don’t usually write customer reviews – but we find the sexuality enhancement market is the one exception. Men are usually more than willing to share their success in this arena. Once again, when this information is not provided, it is a red flag for us.

• Contains Epimedium

• Does not contain Damiana and Yohimbe
• At time, does not post testimonials or a telephone number to customer care

Final Thoughts
Given the fact that this developer has only disclosed a small part of their formulary makes it really hard to ascertain its potential overall effectiveness. The fact that it contains Epimedium is a good sign, but we find the other elements are rather lackluster. Some men may wish to take a chance on Lang Yi Hao, but we feel there is really little need for this, because there are some really effective products on the market which provide full disclosure, quality customer care and fast, easy returns.

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