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MacroMale Review Summary

The MacroMale Pill system is advertised as a doctor-endorsed method for increasing penis size; supposedly men who use this product could increase their penis size by up to 3 inches in length and 25% in girth over a four-year period.

The website claims that a European herbalist created the formula for MacroMale and it has undergone clinical studies. The company offers a six-month guarantee on this product. We will take a closer look below.

Ingredients at a Glance
The formula for MacroMale is made up of two active ingredients. These are Solidilin and Drilizen, both trademarked names that supposedly work similarly to other commonly used ingredients but give an “extra punch.” Solidilin is thought to improve sexual quality and motivation and Drilizen is said to increase nitric oxide release.

Luckily, the company lists and describes these ingredients in greater detail, even giving the names of the vitamins and herbs used in the formula. These include: Bladderwrack to promote thyroid health, Cordyceps to increase testosterone production, Zinc to aid in sperm motility, Reishi Mushroom to increase stamina, Musli for its aphrodisiac properties and Safflower to promote penile blood flow. Momordica is included to help increase testosterone production and Arjuna is thought to promote cardiovascular health.

Ingredients in Focus
Cordyceps sinensis is extracted from parasitic mushrooms that grow on caterpillars in parts of Asia and has been used traditionally for boosting the immune system, supporting kidney and liver function and aiding in sexual dysfunction. While it has been used for centuries in Chinese medicine, it is new to the Western world and research seems to be controversial.

Bladderwrack has been used commonly as a thyroid stimulant in numerous weight-loss remedies as it is thought to counter obesity by increasing the metabolic rate. The kelp extract contains a high concentration of iodine and is thought to help reduce cholesterol. According to the website for MacroMale, this is “important for penis enlargement”, although we do not see the correlation.

Lifestyle Benefits
Some men may feel that their sex lives would improve if their penis were a little longer in size and perhaps a bit wider in girth. For men experiencing symptoms of erectile dysfunction who feel they could benefit from a product that claims to enlarge the penis, MacroMale may be of interest. Though as we all know, no product on the market can actually make a penis longer.

According to the website, achieving maximum results requires six months of use. The site even goes so far as to claim that people will notice a positive change in the personalities of men who have used the product after six months’ time.

We do appreciate that the formula was supposedly created by an herbalist and that the website posts an endorsement from a “medical doctor”. However, we did not see any actual research posted on the website. We feel that consumers should have more evidence, particularly when it comes to a subject like this, since there are very few facts to support the theory that herbal supplements can lead to permanent size increases.

• Contains herbal extracts
• Company offers free bonuses

• Consumers may spend over $400 to get “bonus offers”
• Website does not post customer testimonials
• No research posted on website
• Formula does not include Yohimbe

Final Thoughts
The marketing of the MacroMale Pill system plays up to the fear that many men have that they might be inadequate in the eyes of women strictly based on penis size. With endorsements that suggest people associate size with pleasure, this product claims to provide results in about six months that will “have life-changing effects”.

We appreciate that the formula for MacroMale contains herbal extracts and is somewhat supportive of male sexual health. Still, we do not believe it contains the strongest, most potent extracts for increasing sex drive, helping to raise testosterone levels or promoting penile blood flow, nor do we see any evidence that it will cause the penis to grow permanently.

What an herbal supplement such as this might be able to do is enhance the quality of the erection by helping to increase the amount of blood flow. However, we suggest seeking products that contain a more synergistic blend of ingredients. Products that include the herbal extract Yohimbe have been shown to actually be effective in increasing blood flow to the penis, and this herb also helps increase stamina. Supplements are on the market that utilizes this powerful herb as well as other extracts that will support overall sexual function and enhance performance at much lower prices.

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