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Masculine Support

Masculine Support Review Summary

The formula for Masculine Support is based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and contains a combination of herbs that are designed to work together to increase vigor and slow the signs of aging. Traditional Chinese Medicine has more than 2,000 years of history and is still practiced today. It emphasizes the balance of energy and incorporates the use of herbs to tone the body, allowing all systems to work synergistically.

Although the tenants and techniques of this particular practice are still considered to be reliable, it is difficult to say whether supplements made in the West can deliver the same results.

Ingredients At A Glance
Masculine Support contains: Cordyceps, also known as Sarsaparilla, which may also help to increase testosterone production; Eucommia Bark, a Chinese herb traditionally associated with healthy reproductive function; Ginseng Root to relieve stress; and Epimedium for increased sexual vigor and virility.

Ingredients In Focus
Epimedium is a plant that grows abundantly at higher altitudes in Asia and the Mediterranean. The leaves of the plant contain a variety of valuable flavonoids, polysaccharides, sterols and alkaloids. In addition to its function as an aphrodisiac, some scientists also believe that Epimedium may have an adaptogenic property similar to that of ginseng, making it useful for protecting the body against the effects of stress.

For this reason, it is also frequently used in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a rejuvenating tonic. While the exact mechanism of action is still unclear, some believe that Epimedium works by regulating levels of cortisol, the primary stress hormone in the body. High cortisol levels can depress the libido, cause fatigue and even weight gain, so keeping them in check has a number of positive effects on overall well being.

Lifestyle Benefits
As discussed above, herbs can be very effective tools for balancing the body’s energy, making it more resilient to stress. This is particularly beneficial for sexual performance, since it is a well-known fact that mental stress can play a major role in erectile dysfunction. Ingredients like Epimedium and Ginseng are particularly well-suited to fighting fatigue and improving the body’s ability to adapt to physical and mental strain.

The aging process in and of itself can also put stress on the body. This is in large part due to waning hormone levels, particularly testosterone. Masculine Support claims to slow the aging process, yet it does not contain the herb Tribulus Terrestris, which has been shown to enhance the body’s own testosterone production, decreasing fatigue and increasing libido. As an added health benefit, raising the level of this hormone also helps to ward of bone and muscle depletion, which is often another unfortunate side effect of the aging process

• Contains Epimedium

• Does not contain Tribulus Terrestris
• Does not post testimonials
• No free trial sample available
• Does not contains Yohimbe
• Does not post clear descriptions of each ingredient

Final Thoughts
Masculine support claims that its formula is based on the millennia-old practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine. However, it nonetheless remains somewhat incomplete, since it may not adequately address the significance of decreased testosterone.

Although it contains several ingredients that have been shown to be very effective in helping the body cope with stress, some users may find that they could still benefit from an additional libido boost in order to restore sexual performance. The herb Yohimbe has a similarly long history as a medicinal herb, and in modern Western studies has been shown to increase blood flow to the genitals, stimulate the part of the brain that is associated with sex drive and even contributes valuable antioxidants.

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