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Maximum Prostate

Maximum Prostate Review Summary

Maximum Prostate is a formula which, as the name suggests was designed to address prostate issues. Prostate problems can emerge at any time in a man’s life, but they become more prevalent as men age. They usually start with signs that usually manifest as a urinary tract problem. For instance, some men may notice a need to urinate more frequently and/or have a problem maintaining a stable flow of urine; while others may experience problems when starting urinating; and others may notice a need to strain in order to begin urinating. Mild pain can also be an issue when urinating. For some men once these problems begin they may also experience some sexual problems, such as problems having and maintaining an erection.

Needless to say with prostate problems on the rise, formulas such Maximum Prostate, have become increasingly popular, as men try to address these issues through holistic supplementation. However, not all formulas are built alike and not all of them can address both prostate problems and issues around sexual dysfunction. For this reason we will take a hard look at Maximum Prostate’s formula to see what it can rally deliver to users.

Ingredients at a Glance:
Maximum Prostate contains: Beta-Sitosterol, Campesterol, Stigmasterol, Brassicasterol, Isoflavones, Selenomax™ (Selenium) and Zinc Citrate.

Ingredients in Focus
Maximum Prostate contains three of the most commonly found phytosterols - beta sitosterol, campesterol, and stigmasterol; which are plant derived sterol’s. Beta sitosterol has been shown to be helpful in maintaining cholesterol levels, and it is also believed to help with prostate enlargement. One study showed promise, but it also used stinging nettles and saw palmetto, but the rub here is neither of these elements is used in this formula. Sometimes herbal extracts work with each other to augment and fortify each others abilities, and separately their abilities are diluted.

Campesterol has also been shown to have some ability to help maintain cholesterol levels, which was no real surprise, because it is very similar to Beta sitosterol. However, Campesterol has been shown in some animal based studies to be able to inhibit tumor grown, as did Beta sitosterol. This leads us to Stigmasterol, which is also a member of this phytosterol family. Research suggests that it too may have some anti-tumor and anti-cancer effects, especially when it comes to ovarian, breast, prostate and colon cancers. One of the interesting facts about Stigmasterol is that it is also contained in many foods and herbs, such as Ginseng.

Panax Ginseng has an extensive history of being used in Traditional Chinese medicine as a way to alleviate male sexual fatigue and weakness, as well as boost sexual energy. Those who suffer from a reduced sex drive and lackluster stamina often report experiencing a dramatic increase in both after using Ginseng. It is also has the rather extraordinary ability to adjust blood flow to the penis, which can increase sexual functioning. It is unfortunate that it is not used in this formula.

Beta sitosterol plays a key role in this formula and users should note that it does have some side effects associated with it, such as nausea and a feeling of restlessness and uneasiness. Also, since human studies have not been readily conducted on this element it is hard to know what exactly the side effects are. Clearly more research needs to be conducted on this element.

• Has some prostate boosting abilities

• Not a heavily duty sexually boosting formulas
• Some side effects associated with Beta sitosterol

Final Thoughts
Maximum Prostate may well be able to help some men address issues around prostate health; however, we doubt it will significantly boost there overall sexual functioning. It lacks a real ability to boost sexual stamina, virility or potency, because this product developer has not included an herbal extract such as Panax Ginseng which is both a known and extremely effective aphrodisiac and sexuality booster.

There is also no mechanism included in this formula which can help alleviate an issue that those who have prostate issues regularly battle - erectile dysfunction. Many men seek out products that contain Yohimbe Extract, because of its renowned ability to increase blood flow to the penis, through a series of chemical reactions that mirror those found in many pharmaceutical grade medications-naturally, without side effects. Yohimbe Extract can dramatically boost the hardness and frequency of erections, while also helping users maintain erections.

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