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MiracleBurn Review Summary

MiracleBurn® is the top rated, award winning weight loss supplement which contains the most exciting ingredients in natural weight loss today: From Our findings, Miracleburn® is the only product available, which combines both Hoodia and the Patented Advantra-Z®. These are definitely the two most effective non-prescription weight loss ingredients on the market.

The MiracleBurn® website contains the most heart-felt testimonials we have seen and read and they have an abundance of very compelling ‘Before & After’ pictures worth checking out.

You can order a 7-day Free Trial of Miracleburn® and also receive a free $10 gift card from one of their big sponsors: Wal Mart, Target, Circuit City, Home Depot, Barnes & Noble, Starbucks or Blockbuster Video.

Ingredients At A Glance
The Miracleburn® website lists some very detailed information about their two key ingredients:

*Hoodia – is the latest breakthrough in appetite suppressants, and was featured on the program 60 Minutes. Hoodia contains a compound called ‘P57’, which is a molecule that makes you feel full. In clinical trials, two test groups were given equal diets and placed in a setting where they were to remain sedentary. One group was given Hoodia and the other, a placebo. The hoodia group consumed on average 1000 calories a day less than the placebo group.

***A key factor about the Hoodia in Miracleburn® is that it is certified REAL South African Hoodia and it has been used in a clinical trial. Most products that contain Hoodia can not guarantee either of these important components.

*Advantra-Z® is the only patented natural weight loss ingredient available. It is a form of bitter orange that has been proven, for years, to be as effective as Ephedra for natural weight loss…without the negative side effects. Advantra-Z® has been clinically proven to increase the metabolic rate to increase daily calorie consumption, without increasing the heart rate. So it has been proven to be very safe.

The proprietary MiracleBurn® manufacturing process extracts the herbal ingredients 15 times their normal strength. So the formula has a proven history of working very quickly.

A detailed listing of the other ingredients can be found on the MiracleBurn website.

The Website
MiracleBurn® has notably gained sponsorship with several national companies and is currently giving away, as a gift, $10 gift cards. When people register for their free 7-day trial of MiracleBurn® on their official website, they can choose $10 gift cards from: Wal Mart, Target, Blockbuster Video, Starbucks, Circuit City, HomeDepot, SamGoody and Barnes and Noble.

The MiracleBurn® website has the most testimonials that we have seen. You can tell that these are real testimonials from enthusiastic customers who have been very excited about their weight loss. Their customers say enough to sell the product alone.

The website also lists some very compelling Before and After pictures that their customers have sent in. We recommend Clicking Here to see the Miracleburn® testimonials and Before & After pictures.

The Pros of Miracleburn
• Contains guaranteed authentic South African Hoodia that has been clinically tested – very hard to beat this perk!
• Contains Advantra-Z – the only patented natural weight loss substance.
• You can try it free for 7-days.
• Orders include a Free Gift Card from some very big stores.
• They let the customers say it all – there is no guessing game with this product.

The Cons of Miracleburn
• It is currently only available on the official Miracleburn Website and not sold in stores.
• The Website does not offer access to the other products that their organization sells. All of their products have won several awards and this would be a nice addition to their website.

Website In Focus
In addition to their informative website, we recently contacted the staff at Urban Nutrition, LLC, makers of MiracleBurn® and found their Customer Care Staff to be both helpful and informative. We were pleased to find out, that the makers of MiracleBurn® have been in business for over half a decade.

Final Thoughts
The strengths of Miracleburn® are evident. The formula has the two most exciting ingredients available with clinical evidence backing them. The customer testimonials are endless and the Before and After pictures say it all. MiracleBurn® is manufactured under a process, which is GMP approved (Good Manufacturing Practices). The $10 Gift Card Miracleburn® offers with all orders is a fun bonus. The trial program is very fair, or you can buy as much as you want with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Click Here To Visit the Miracleburn Website

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