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Nino-DS Review Summary

Nino-DS is a simple dietary supplement that is advertised to prevent premature ejaculation, and also enhance “the love playing time of a male.” The company says that this product will work by lowering the sensitivity of the penis. While this may or may not aid with premature ejaculation, we feel it has the potential to take out some of the pleasure during sex for men.

Male sexual enhancement supplements are currently flooding the market. Men may become overwhelmed by the sheer number of products to choose from. Also, since so many of these products do not always work as advertised, it may be a deflating experience. We always suggest fully researching a product before purchase, and will assist by taking a closer look at this supplement.

Ingredients at a Glance
Currently, the complete ingredient list for this supplement is not posted online. While the manufacturer shares that the product is “100% natural”, as of review, they fail to share the specifics of the contained formula. We feel that if this supplement may provide its advertised benefits, then the company should have nothing to hide, and disclose the complete formula.

In addition, many men are hesitant to try a product that is meant for such a sensitive issue without first reviewing the formula to ensure effectiveness, and to avoid any potentially unpleasant effects or allergic reactions.

Ingredients in Focus
Since we’re unable to take a closer look at this product without an ingredient list, we will focus on ingredients available on the market that we find to be quite effective. We believe men who desire a boost in their sexual drive, performance and stamina are likely to appreciate a product that may increase testosterone levels. We think interested individuals should research products that contain the ingredient, Tribulus Terrestris, which is a natural herb that is said to support the production of testosterone in the body.

We believe those men who would also like to improve the quality of their erections, as this supplement is said to do, should look into a product that contains the bark extract, Yohimbe. This ingredient is noted for being able to stimulate the blood flow throughout the genitals, which in turn leads to stronger, longer lasting erections. We find that the most effective male sexual aids will include both Tribulus and Yohimbe in their formulas.

Lifestyle Benefits
Ultimately, we feel there is little to say about a product that does not post a formula online for review. The manufacturer may make all the claims and promises they like, but we find it is not possible to verify these statements, and the lack of an ingredient list seems to affect their credibility. In addition, individuals are told that this product will work best when used in conjunction with several other supplements. We feel that a product should be able to provide its advertised benefits without the aid from other supplements, and that when a supplement needs to be used with other products, this is simply a way for the company to make more money.

• Said to contain basic ingredients

• Quite expensive
• Formula is not disclosed online as of this review
• Said to be best when used with other supplements
• May not contain Tribulus
• May not contain Yohimbe

Final Thoughts
In the end, the maker of Nino-DS promises men that this supplement will prevent premature ejaculations, but then they fail to provide any proof that this product will actually perform as advertised. There are many sexual aid supplements on the market, and we feel those that are not accompanied with a complete ingredient list appear to be low-quality formulations. Fortunately, we find there are other options on the market that may provide men with real sexual enhancements. In order to generate stronger, longer lasting erections, we suggest finding a product that contains the above mentioned Yohimbe.

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