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Nitro Herbal2

Nitro Herbal2 Review Summary

Nitro Herbal 2 is advertised as an all-natural male enhancement formula able to enlarge the penis. The marketing, like most penis enlargement pills, suggests that women have indicated in various polls that they are unhappy with their partner’s penis size and wish for something bigger.

The product is advertised as containing all-natural herbal extracts and is designed to enhance the male penis without synthetic drugs or medical procedures. It was developed by Herbal Technologies, LLC, a New Jersey-based company. We will take a closer look at the formulation below.

Ingredients At A Glance
The formula for Nitro Herbal 2 consists of a combination of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbal extracts. It contains Vitamin B6 to support red blood cell metabolism, Vitamin E as an antioxidant, Niacin to support the digestive system and zinc to support the immune system. Plus, it contains the amino acid L-Arginine, thought to increase nitric oxide levels in the blood.

The proprietary herbal blend contains Horny Goat Weed to increase sex drive, Muira Puama for its potent aphrodisiac effects, Saw Palmetto to support the prostate and Avena Sativa to increase energy. It also includes Velvet Bean for its aphrodisiac properties, Peruvian Maca to stimulate the libido, Damiana for its diuretic qualities, Siberian Ginseng for enhanced energy and Tribulus Terrestris to increase testosterone production.

Ingredients In Focus
Muira Puama is extracted from a shrub grown in the Amazon rainforest of Brazil. Also called Potency Wood, it has been used traditionally as an aphrodisiac and was shown to increase sexual desire among participants in a study conducted in France in 1990.

Velvet Bean, extracted from the seed of the plant called Mucuna Pruriens, has been used traditionally to lower blood pressure, reduce fever, lower cholesterol and enhances the libido. The beans have also been ground and brewed to be consumed as a hot beverage similar to coffee.

Siberian Ginseng may improve mental acuity and physical endurance without the “crash” associated with caffeine. This makes Ginseng a popular component in male enhancement formulas that are meant to be taken several times a day to keep a constant feeling of heightened vitality.

Horny Goat Weed, also called Epimedium, comes from a plant native to China. The extract has been shown to increase sex drive and stamina, and is a popular addition in sexual enhancement formulas for men.

Lifestyle Benefits
The product describes how the penis could become enlarged, explains how erection occurs and gives details on how the ingredients contained affect the process. There are no promises made about how big the penis will get or what exactly to expect, just that changes should be noticed within the first month of use.

The blend contains a variety of herbal extracts that are popular in male enhancement supplements. It contains L-Arginine for helping to raise Nitric Oxide levels, but does not include Yohimbe for increasing blood flow to the penis.

As explained on the product’s home page, the more blood that flows to the penis, the fuller the erection can become. Yohimbe, not contained in the product, an African bark extract, has been used for decades to treat impotency and is contained in many products available for male enhancement.

• Label information is provided
• Product contains herbal extracts

• Does not contain Yohimbe
• Not all ingredients are described
• Penis enlargement pills do not work

Final Thoughts
The marketing of the product plays up to men’s fear of being inadequate in the eyes of women. Claiming that “size does matter,” it promises to help alleviate those fears by enlarging the penis in a relatively short period of time.

As mentioned, the product makes no promises as to how large the penis might get or what to expect to see in terms of growth. We appreciate this because no herbal supplement can cause the penis to grow – the penis does not grow past puberty, and the size and shape must be accepted, no matter how small or large. What herbal supplements can do is enhance the quality of the erection by helping to increase the amount of blood flow making the penis feel larger.

Yohimbe, as discussed, has been shown to effectively increase penile blood flow and is popular in male enhancement formulas. For men concerned with symptoms of impotency, such as weak erections or an inability to get an erection, Yohimbe is a perfect solution. As it has also been shown to enhance stamina, this extract will improve quality and duration of erections and greatly improve sexual performance. Seek formulas that feature this herb when making a decision.

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