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Penis Pump

Penis Pump Review Summary

Penis Pump Warehouse is a clearing house for Penis Pumps, which range in price from $14.99 to $55.99, depending upon your “needs” and which unit resonates with you. This website purports that with the penis pumps “you will strengthen your penile muscles, giving your erection extra power and stability - a visible difference you and your partner will notice”. Often these products are also advertised as being able to increase penis size; while at other times it is implied that this product can help men attain this goal.

We know many consumers will be asking – what exactly is a penis pump and can it really increase erection quality? Can it increase penis size and girth? This is a question we intend to address in this review.

Product at a Glance
In general, the Penis Pump is a device which consists of a cylinder tube, some type of acrylic tubing and a pumping mechanism. The pumping device can be as simple as a squeeze ball, hand grip, an electric device or a plunger. This product is based on a vacuum concept. It allows the user to remove the air from the tube, thereby creating a vacuum. This vacuum is suggested to be able to boost blood flow to the penis, thereby creating an erection. A constriction ring is also included with these kits, and it is placed over the base of the penis to maintain the erection.

Product in Focus
Penis Pumps were originally created to help those men who suffer from erectile dysfunction achieve an erection. It is a very low cost treatment that ED, and was originally geared towards those for whom pharmaceutical grade medications have been ineffective; although it is suggested that many men resist using this device because it is time consuming and is rather inconvenient to use prior to having sex.

Some manufacturers either out right advertise or suggest that these devices can help men increase the size of their penis. The truth is that these devices when on may increase the size of the penis temporarily, albeit painfully. However, once the vacuum is removed and the erection is gone, the penis will return to its previous size.

In general, the reputable manufacturers of penis pumps will tell consumers that they should avoid this product if they bleed easily or suffer from a blood clotting disorder, diabetes or, a peripheral vascular disease. Also those who are taking any type of blood thinning or anticoagulant medication are also often told to avoid this product. Penis Pump’s do have some potential side effects, such as chronic pain or bruising. Also the vacuum can cause some damage to the penis, which may include tissue damage for some.

• None

• Inconvenient
• Will not increase penis size
• Has some potential side effects
• Not for those who suffer from certain diseases

Final Thoughts
Some men who suffer from erectile dysfunction may find the Penis Pump helpful in achieving an erection, while others may find it cumbersome and inconvenient. Those consumers, who find the use of this device to be problematic, may want to investigate holistically based supplementation. It has been our experience that many men have achieved really good results with these products especially when they use heavy hitting male sexual fitness agents.

For instance, Yohimbe Extract has been shown to be extremely effective in increasing the rigidity, occurrence and quality of erections. Also, many men seek out products that contain Tribulus Terrestris, because it has been shown to be able to increase testosterone production, which has a direct affect on libido, potency and stamina, as well as erection quality. Last but not least Epimedium is often used to battle erectile fatigue because it is an extreme virility booster. Bottom line, modern and proven ingredients are effective, while “pumps” are best served as party jokes.

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