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Peter North Power Pills

Peter North Power Pills Review Summary

Peter North Power Pills is a rather interesting product, not so much for its ability to create results, although we will get to that later, it relies on the notoriety of Peter North, who has a long history of working in the porn industry. Peter North is credited on this website with being in over 900 films, which were both gay and straight in nature. He is also well known for his sexual prowess and the size of his penis.

Hence his association with this product, which is purported to be able to “help men be at the top of their form, every time” and allow you to “get it up, probably harder than you can ever remember, keep it up longer than you have since you were 18”. The real question regarding this can it really deliver, using the formulary that this developer has created- or is it all hype? We will take a long hard look at this product to see what it can deliver in terms of real results.

Ingredients at a Glance
Peter North Power Pills contains: Vitamin B12, Maca, Damiana and Muira Puama.

Ingredients in Focus
This is a four ingredient formula, which exhibits a split personality in terms of results – half its formula is extremely exciting and will no doubt create results because it uses Damiana and Muira Puama; while the other half uses Vitamin B12 and Maca, both of which exhibit limited abilities in this area.

Damiana is an aphrodisiac, which grows throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. Its history dates back to the Mayans who used it to boost sexual prowess and ability. Recently it has been proven to be able to significantly increase sexual function in both men and women; so much so that it is used throughout Holland to increase sexual health and address issues of sexual dysfunction in men.

Muira Puama is not a slacker in this area either; known as potency wood it has been used traditionally as a treatment for sexual fatigue. Also, it has been shown to be able to drastically increase virility and sexual potency in men.

Vitamin B12 has no real use in terms of boosting sexuality; although it does have some healthful abilities in terms of boosting overall energy. Many people really believe that Maca can increase sexual performance, although its real use is in helping improve semen quality, which has little affect on actual sexual performance.

This website is rather lackadaisical in terms of providing consumers with actual product related information, while it is very intent on providing them with a great deal of hype. We found this development to be rather troubling, because men who are addressing issues around reduced sexual performance are dealing with a very serious issue and deserve to be able to access as much information as possible regarding a product. This product does disclose its formulary; however, it does not discuss in any way what the ingredients do, more than likely because if they did they would have to admit that Vitamin B12 and Maca will provide users with only nominal results.

This product has failed to post any testimonials written by consumers who have used this product and achieved results in terms of renewed sexual fitness. Most successful products will display rather lush and comprehensive testimonial sections; however, where this product is concerned perhaps they could not post what does not exist.

• Contains Damiana and Muira Puama

• Uses some ineffective ingredients
• Does not contain an ingredient to increase erectile functioning
• Limited information provided on website
• Dissatisfied consumers have begun speaking out about the poor results this product has produced. To hear about their negative experiences, you can click here to read a number of posts in this Peter North Power Pills blog.
• No testimonial posted

Final Thoughts
The saving grace of this formula is that it uses Damiana and Muira Puama, which enables Peter North Power Pills to enhance virility and sexual potency a bit; although we do not believe it will have much of an affect on erection quality, as suggested on this webpage. This is a clear example of a product not living up to its hype.

For those consumers who want more from a formula we suggest they investigate products which use Yohimbe Extract, which has been shown to be able to really boost erection hardness, frequency and quality. Also, Epimedium has been used for generations to successfully battle erectile fatigue. Yohimbe Extract and Epimedium are known to work incredibly well with both Damiana and Muira Puama to help men increase their sexual pleasure and stamina, as well as increase their erectile functioning.

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