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PherX Review Summary

PherX is a pheromone enhancing product, which was launched by a one product company with no available history regarding holistic supplementation. This product is sold in a liquid form, which is worn like cologne. PherX’s developer states on the website that this product “holds the key to the success you are looking for” in terms of sexuality. The manufacturer also states that PherX can create “very powerful sexual responses” in others. There are many formulas available on the market, which claim to use pheromone boosting technology to increase sexual attractiveness.

The claims of effectiveness are always very similar and extreme. However, we will thoroughly review this formula to see if it can deliver the claim of increased pheromone production.

Ingredients At A Glance
PherX contains a synthetic version of androstenone; a human pheromone.

Ingredients In Focus
PherX, as mentioned above is a product designed to boost “pheromones”; but what are pheromones? Pheromones are found in the sweat of most mammals. They have a complicated role in the mating dance of mammals and insects, as well as humans. The discovery of pheromones, such as androstenone, created a big stir in the media a few years ago; major news shows and major newspapers extensively reported on their discovery. These reports caused a great deal of interest in pheromones and the possibility of using them to draw potential sex partners. Many manufacturers were motivated to start generating products to help arouse pheromones in men.

Many manufacturers will point to the research about pheromones to prove that their products work. Well, here’s the realty check, the research conducted merely established that pheromones exist in humans and verified the role they play in human sexuality and attraction. In no way, did the research test the feasibility of using synthetic pheromones to boost attractiveness in men.

Lifestyle Benefits
The PherX website is very heavy on hype and very limited on actual facts. We would have welcomed any additional information, which would have proved us wrong regarding the use of synthetic pheromones. However, no additional research on this issue was posted on the website. Overall, we firmly believe that pheromone boosting products, which contain synthetic pheromones, need to be tested to see if they are in fact a viable method of boosting pheromone production in men who wear them. We doubt that these products can actually enhance pheromone production.

However, we do believe that a placebo like affect may take place, in which, the wearer of products, such as PherX may feel more confident, thereby making them more attractive to women, in general. Women have stated in various studies that confidence makes men more attractive, often drawing the most unlikely couples together.

• Testimonials on the website
• Good FAQ section
• Discreet shipping

• Makes unrealistic claims
• Not research proven to be effective
• Expensive

Final Thoughts
As stated earlier, PherX is a male pheromone boosting product, which is “dapped” on the various pulse points on the body, such as wrist, neck and behind the ears- it is clearly very easy to use. In general, we do not believe that PherX, or any other pheromone boosting product can overtly boost male sexuality or attractiveness. However, we do not want to dismiss this product totally because it may have a subtle confidence boosting effect on the psyche of the wearer; often feeling more confident is half the battle.

In general, PherX will not be of any help to men who have sexual issues, such as reduced libido, stamina or performance. Although, we do believe these problems can be helped by holistic supplementation. There are many herbal extracts and formulas on the male sexuality enhancement market, which can help men, renew their sexual health and raise their confidence levels. Many successful formulas make use of herbs, such as Damiana, an herbal aphrodisiac regularly used in Holland to powerfully boost male sexuality and confidence levels.

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