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Pherone Review Summary

Pherone is a pheromone boosting cologne, which is developed, marketed and manufactured by Pherone, inc. This company is purported to be founded by Scientists with laboratory research experience in developmental biology, biochemistry and genetic engineering. Their goal is stated on the website as being “to improve the quality of life of our customers and the people they come in contact with every day”.

Pherone is advertised by the manufacturer to be “Instant charisma” and able to give you the “advantage in every social situation”. The amount of pheremeone boosting colognes hitting the male sexual enhancement market are too many to count; all advertising similar results. However, we will deeply investigate Pherone to see if it can really deliver give you the publicized results in terms of “Instant charisma”.

Ingredients At A Glance
The active ingredients in Pherone are stated on the website to be “androstenone, androstenol and androsterone, as well as other compounds which are proprietary”; all of which are pheromones secreted by the human body. However, the pheromones used in this formula are synthetic versions of the real thing.

Ingredients In Focus
We were pleased to see that the pheromones used in the Pherone formulary do not contain denatured alcohol or any other toxic substances. We were also glad to see that they have purported purity rates that are “typically over 99%”.

Pheromone based products were created by manufactures after a variety of newspaper and TV reports regarding the discovery of human pheromones, which have a direct affect on human sexuality and in attracting sexual partners. Pheromones are present in the physiology of most mammals, as well as some snakes and insects. They carry out a variety of functions such as attracting mates, marking territory and marking food sources.

Human pheromones have been shown to play a vital role in the mating rituals of humans. However, it is not an across the board sure fire way to acquire a sexual partner. There are many other factors involved besides chemical reactions. Manufactures usually post the media reports and the research about pheromones on their websites, in order to make the case for the viability of their products. These links are very informative and helpful.

However, they do not tell the whole story, which is that the pheromones tested in this research and reported in the media were about actual real human pheromones; not the synthetic ones used in these formulas. To date no research has been conducted by a legitimate research institute to verify that they work the same as human ones. We believe that more research needs to be conducted in this matter.

In general, we don’t not believe that synthetic pheromones work in the over powering way, as suggested by manufacturers. They many work in more subtle ways and have more of a psychological affect than anything else-boosting confidence, which then translates into enhanced attractiveness to women.

There are many holistic herbally based supplements which help boost male confidence and virility. Catuaba Bark Extract is an aphrodisiac from Brazil, which has shown excellent results in increasing men’s libido and virility. Damiana is another aphrodisiac from Latin America, which has been used extensively in Holland to enhance male sexuality and confidence.

• Uses non toxic ingredients
• Informative website

• Use synthetic pheromones
• Makes unrealistic claims
• Expensive
• Dissatisfied consumers have begun speaking out about the poor results this product has produced. To hear about their negative experiences, you can click here to read a number of posts in this Pherone blog.

Final Thoughts
As stated, Pherone is a product which is purported to be designed to enhance the sexuality of men and to be able to give them “instant charisma”. This product is based on research which was initially performed on actual human pheromones. However, these products make use of synthetic pheromones which are not research proven to work, regardless of what manufactures advertise on their websites. As mentioned earlier, we believe additional research needs to be conducted on synthetic versions of androstenone, androstenol and androsterone.

Overall, we are doubt of the viability of pheromone boosting products in making men overwhelmingly attractive to women. However, it may help boost their overall sexual confidence – giving them a psychological edge. Nonetheless, we do not think they will attain “instant charisma”.

However, holistic supplementation can actually help men achieve renewed confidence and overall sexual health. Modern aphrodisiacs, such as Damiana and Catuaba Bark Extract in capsule form, have been shown to boost virility and confidence in many men.

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