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Project P

Project P Review Summary

Project P is marketed as a “penile development program.” Project P is not a supplement, but is instead an exercise-based penis enlargement technique. It is claimed that just 15 to 30 minutes of Project P exercises may make the penis “longer, thicker, stronger and healthier with permanent gain.” We find such claims disingenuous, and we believe that the best strategy may be to avoid trusting anyone who makes such scientifically impossible claims.

Moreover, individuals may also find numerous penis enlargement herbal formulas. However, we believe that most of the time, male performance suffers, not because of the penis size, but due to lack of virility and stimulation. We will therefore look at Project P and conclude whether it may really be an effective product with potential benefits as a male enhancement formula, or whether there may be better products in the market.

Technique at a Glance
Project P, as briefly mentioned above, is an exercise-based technique. It consists of 12 penis and 4 testicle exercises that are claimed to “help men who are under endowed or perhaps have a weak penis add a couple of inches and improve the health, size and shape of his penis.” Furthermore, this benefit is claimed to occur in a “matter of two to three weeks.” The technique is revealed once users register with the website and pay the fees of about $35 for six months.

Technique in Focus
In modern times, it may be common to find aggressive marketing literature in a person’s junk email folder promoting products that purportedly increase the size and girth of the penis. However, we believe that such products may not do much to enhance an individual’s bedroom performance or increase sexual pleasure. Exhaustive scientific research has proven that the size of penis cannot be increased with natural means.

Penis growth is said to completely stop after a certain age; for most, it may be around late teens to early twenties. According to exhaustive and widely agreed studies in male physiology, it has been shown that the male organ is genetically defined, and as such, simply stops growing after a period of time. Therefore, we encourage men to consult with such scientific reports before trying out penis enlargement products.

Alternative Products
Individuals may find a number of different male enhancement products on the market today. Among them may be synthetic drugs that also aim to address Erectile Dysfunction, aromatherapy-based products, fitness and exercise related methods, herbal and basic supplements in a capsule form, as well as gizmos and penis pumps. However, we believe the best bet may be to go with proven and well-researched supplements with natural aphrodisiacs. These supplements may boost testosterone levels and heighten arousal from the inside for long-term sexual performance.

• None

• Project P may not be an herbal formula, but instead may be an exercise technique
• No money-back guarantees as of this review
• Is claimed to lead to dramatic penis enlargement
• Customer reviews and testimonials may be unavailable at the time of this review
• May not do anything to increase sexual performance

Final Thoughts
Even if we look past the penis enlargement claims, we are left to wonder whether any manual “exercise” techniques for the penis may do anything to boost libido and arouse sexual desires. However, we believe that some products in a capsule form may naturally spice up an individual’s stale sexual life by increasing sexual performance. There may be some genuine formulas on the market, which may improve an individual’s performance in the long run as well.

Therefore, we believe that the best approach to really boost an individual’s sexual abilities may be to look up a supplement in a capsule form. The best products may have an unconditional money-back guarantee offer. Using a safe, yet effective sexual enhancement product may greatly improve one’s overall lifestyle by the virtue of improving one’s sex life. A great way to find out if a product may be suitable may be to look at individual testimonials and the customer service commitments of a company.

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