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Prosexual Plus

Prosexual Plus Review Summary

Prosexual Plus is a male enhancement formula that is advertised as improving sexual function by increasing the body’s levels of nitric oxide. Many products on the market also contain elements that claim to work in a similar way, and contain some of the same ingredients.

Ingredients at a Glance
Surprisingly, the formula for Prosexual Plus is pretty light on ingredients. It contains the amino acid L-Arginine for increasing nitric oxide levels, like many other products, and also includes the herb Ginkgo Biloba to increase blood flow to the brain. Aside from that, just a few B vitamins are included, such as Niacin. A word of caution is posted about Niacin – too much could cause temporary itching, flushing and redness. The site states that the recommended dosage for this product is one serving or six capsules, and 1-3 servings are suggested before going to bed.

Unlike other formulas on the market, this one does not contain any aphrodisiacs or testosterone boosters. We will take a closer look at the active ingredients.

Ingredients in Focus
L-Arginine is the precursor of nitric oxide, which is needed in the blood for an erection to occur. L-Arginine is thought to improve vascular function as well as increase muscle protein synthesis and growth, and is used by body builders for helping to build strength.

L-Arginine is often included in male enhancement formulas for helping to increase nitric oxide production, which is necessary for erections to occur. Nitric oxide is supposed to help relax the blood vessels in the chamber of the penis, allowing more blood to flow through. When blood flow is increased, an erection can occur. This may be useful to men experiencing difficulties in getting or maintaining erection.

Ginkgo Biloba is most commonly added to longevity products because it is thought to have an impact on memory enhancement and mental clarity. However, some male enhancement formulas include this herb for increased circulation, although it is unclear how effective it is for aiding in sexual function.

Lifestyle Benefits
For men experiencing symptoms of sexual dysfunction, oral supplements can often be beneficial aids for treatment. Supplements utilizing the power of herbs are generally just as effective as prescription medicines and have fewer side effects associated with them, making the choice for this method of treatment a little easier.

We appreciate that the formula contains a blend of ingredients that may prove to help enhance erections. However, it does not contain Yohimbe, which is widely used to treat impotency for its effectiveness in increasing blood flow to the penis.

A variety of products are available that contain herbal extracts, and many formulas are quite similar to one another. Interestingly, many claim to have synergistic blends, very few of which are identical. When taking the herbal approach, it is important to be aware of the concentrations of the extracts used in the product and the quality of the herbs. Also, it is essential to find a blend that provides all the benefits necessary to aiding in male sexual function.

• Contains basic vitamins

• No testimonials posted
• Does not contain Yohimbe
• Formula contains no aphrodisiacs
• Niacin could cause flushing for some

Final Thoughts
For men looking for a natural, over-the-counter treatment for symptoms of erectile dysfunction, Prosexual Plus may seem to be an affordable product that can help enhance erections. However, the formula lacks aphrodisiacs, the sex drive will not necessarily be enhanced, and it does not contain many ingredients that are supportive of overall sexual health.

As stated, Yohimbe has been shown to effectively increase blood flow to the penis, assisting in a firmer erection. The herb has been recognized by the FDA for its ability to treat impotence, boost libido and fight fatigue. Yohimbe is available in a variety of male enhancement products that have been shown to be effective in improving overall sexual function.

For men looking for a long-term solution to improving sexual health, products that contain high quality herbal extracts promoting all aspects of male function will prove to be more potent and longer lasting in the end.

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