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SBF-37 Premier Pheromones

SBF-37 Premier Pheromones Review Summary

SBF-37 is a concentrated pheromone formula that is meant to be added to cologne or after-shave lotion in order to “attract women”.

Pheromones are chemicals naturally produced by all animal species in order to attract the opposite sex for procreation. The advertisement for SBF-37 suggests that evolution has caused humans to produce less than they used to, yet some men still produce more than others and a product like this can be helpful to “level the playing field.”

The advertisement for the product claims that it will not cause women to flock in the direction of the wearer, but suggests that it may make them more receptive and attentive. We will take a closer look below.

Ingredients At A Glance
As stated, the product contains “concentrated pheromones”. Pheromones are defined as chemicals produced by a living organism that transmit a signal to other members of the same species.

In mammals and reptiles, the signals are detected by the Vomeronasal Organ, which lies between the nose and the mouth, but some pheromones may be detected by the olfactory membranes.

Ingredients In Focus
The first pheromones were first identified in insects in the 1950s. After twenty years of work, the team of researchers was able to isolate it; it took about another ten years of research before pheromones were believed to have an affect on human interactions.

The first human pheromones were discovered in the underarms; it is believed that they are secreted in the sweat glands and the pheromones alone are odorless. As stated, it is believed that detection occurs through the Vomeronasal Organ, an organ located three inches inside the nose, which then sends a sexual response signal to the brain. It is most likely a chemical response that occurs, not an actual identifiable smell, and the reaction is on a subconscious level.

Most of the research on pheromones and humans is related to the effects on women’s menstrual cycles. The relationship between pheromones and sexual activity is contradictory and needs further study.

Lifestyle Benefits
By adding the concentrated formulas to a cologne or lotion, rather than using a cologne containing pheromones, it is less likely that anyone will be aware that the pheromones are a part of the daily grooming routine. For men hoping to attract women without any awkwardness or who would like to avoid rejection, this method may be tempting, albeit a potential placebo effect.

However, this is as far as this product can aid. For men who are experiencing symptoms of erectile dysfunction such as lack of confidence, loss of sex drive, premature ejaculation or an inability to get or maintain an erection, a pheromone concentrate will not be of assistance. An oral supplement will be a more effective method of treatment.

A variety of products are available that contain herbs helpful in supporting male sexual health. The plant Tribulus Terrestris is popular in supplements for male enhancement and for body building – the extract has been clinically shown to raise testosterone levels, and by doing so, increase sex drive, energy levels and lean muscle mass. A result of the rise in testosterone is often an increase in confidence, which is usually a good way to get dates.

• Claims to be odorless
• Does not make outrageous promises

• Studies on pheromones are contradictory and inconclusive
• Product does not support overall male sexual health
• Relatively expensive
• No testimonials posted

Final Thoughts
A variety of products are on the market boasting the highest concentration of human pheromones – they all claim to be the best way to attract women and suggest that women will not be able to resist any man wearing pheromones. The problem here is that little research exists on how much benefit a bottled form of pheromones actually has on meeting women.

As men age, testosterone levels naturally decline; while this affects every man differently, it has been associated with symptoms of impotency. Only Tribulus Terrestris has been shown to be an effective supplement for restoring testosterone to more youthful levels and will be a better choice for men concerned with improving their actual sexual health and performance.

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