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SOE & WAGG Review Summary

The online company Pheromones and More has a special offer of a combo pack containing two pheromone concentrate products. Calling this the “Friendliness Package,” it includes the products What a Good Guy and Scent of Eros.

What A Good Guy was designed to create a “non-threatening aura of friendliness” as opposed to the macho image.

The Scent of Eros is a cologne spray that contains pheromones. The cologne was developed by James V. Kohl, claimed to be a well-known pheromone researcher and author of a book with the same name, The Scent of Eros.

By purchasing the two products together, the price is reduced by $20.00 to a total of $89.95. We will take a closer look below.

Ingredients At A Glance
Both products are advertised to contain pheromones, most likely synthetic, which are chemicals that are produced by living organisms that are believed to be detected only by other members of the same species.

It has been suggested that there are different types of pheromones; insects have been studied extensively over the past 50 years and are believed to send signals of attraction during reproductive cycles and signals of distress when crises occur and help is needed. The product is marketed as containing these types of concentrates.

Ingredients In Focus
The most common belief is that pheromones are secreted through the sweat glands perhaps because the first human pheromones were discovered in the underarms. Research on the subject has been contradictory, some stating that the scent is odorless, others believing it to have a sweaty, unpleasant aroma, which is why some products mask the scent in fragrant colognes or perfumes.

It is thought that detection occurs through the Vomeronasal Organ, an organ located between the nose and the mouth that sends a sexual response signal to the brain. The chemical response is believed to be noticed merely on a subconscious level.

Research suggests that pheromones may play a part in women’s menstrual cycles, sexual orientation and sexual attractiveness. Most of the existing studies are contradictory, and while it is rarely denied that pheromones exist, the effect they have on human relationships does not appear to be as strong as most advertising claims.

Most concentrated pheromone formulas are designed and marketed with one goal in mind – to make the wearer more attractive to the opposite sex and to sell the product. They are intended to help send a signal without having to go through the awkward motions of pick-up lines or small talk when meeting a new person, and may be appealing to men who are shy or tired of the dating scene.

Since the products are similar, it is not clear what benefit a joint purchase of the 2 products has on increasing desirability. Scent of Eros and What A Good Guy both claim to help make the wearer more approachable, allowing conversation to flow more easily, and they are not intended to be worn simultaneously.

Many men may be interested in pheromones without realizing why they are seeking a product to assist them in sexual relations. Men all over the world suffer from symptoms of erectile dysfunction, which include loss of libido and weaker erections. In this case, oral supplements would be a better option for treatment.

A popular herb often used in male enhancement formulas is Yohimbe, extracted from the bark of an African tree. This herb can enhance erections by increasing blood flow to the penis and has also been shown to increase stamina. Yohimbe has been recognized by the FDA and has been used in this country for decades to treat impotency. Products that contain this potent herb may prove to have a more powerful effect in the bedroom than pheromones do.

• Products may have a musky fragrance
• Offers a new angle on sexuality
• Products are available for a discount

• Research on pheromones is still young
• Pheromones do not directly support male health
• Benefit of purchasing both products is unclear
• No testimonials posted

Final Thoughts
Wearing a product that contains concentrated human sex pheromones may help start conversations and could be an interesting approach to try to get a date, because of a potential placebo effect. As mentioned, research is still ongoing on the subject and there are many contradictions in terms of how they are secreted and detected, and whether or not they have an odor associated with them.

Also as discussed, they are merely an aid in attraction; this too is contradictory as to what extent pheromones increase desirability. Most products claim to make the wearer instantly irresistible, however some testimonials claim to have helped increase the number of conversations engaged in or perhaps the frequency of flirtation, but nothing more intense. These types of products are not a way to treat symptoms of sexual dysfunction.

For men who feel that the problems experienced with intimacy are related to something more serious than a lack of sexual partners, herbal supplements are a more supportive method of treatment. Yohimbe, “herbal Viagra” can have an impact on erection quality and will help improve sexual ability and allow for more satisfying experiences. Seek products that feature this ingredient for ensured success.

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