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#1 Selling Sex Stamina Training Tool in the US

#1 Selling Sex Stamina Training Tool in the US Review Summary

Alright guys, here’s the deal, we have reviewed hundreds of sexual enhancement products that work from the inside out, but not from the outside in. First off, we rarely review these types of products, however Fleshlight® deserved a review on TheMensChoice because it is now the #1 selling male ‘sex toy’ invented. It is truly an awesome invention and we needed to give a thorough test drive. Once I tried this thing out, I was hooked. I mean, lets be honest, we all masturbate, and let me just say that I thought using my hand was fine, until I found this awesome thing.

As the name sounds, the Fleshlight looks a lot like a flashlight, but imagine instead of where the light would be, there is something else when you remove the protective cap. Its up to you, you can choose a vagina, a mouth, a butt….you pick. Whatever body part you choose, it is going to be amazingly close or identical to the way the real deal feels. In fact, Fleshlight has won several awards and holds 5 US patents for their ‘Skin Emulating Material’….which feels exactly like real human skin.

I skeptically ordered the mouth version of the Fleshlight for the review.

So let me tell you what this Stamina Training Unit is all about. It’s known on the market as the Fleshlight and has already sold over a million units. At first, I felt silly trying it, but the more I checked it out, I found it to be actually cool and state of the art. This is no joke, the company has a patent for gods sake.

You can use Fleshlight for so many cool things. There are demonstration videos on the official website. One video shows a hot girl playing with her Fleshlight, which is in the shape of a vagina. She fingers it, gets super horny and it looks just like the real thing! We seriously recommend at least checking out the videos to see how girls, guys and couples use Fleshlight.

Click Here To Visit The Official Website And See The Video

The Benefits
We all have been there; right at the moment it is getting good, you come before you want to. It might be premature ejaculation or that you just came too soon, but you let your partner down and you didn’t get to keep enjoying the awesome sex. Studies show that there are four main reasons a man comes before he wants to (or has premature ejaculation). These include not enough practice which builds stamina, a weak prostate gland, extra sensitivity of the penis, not enough stamina. Fleshlight honestly address all of these issues. If a guy doesn’t use it just for an awesome jerk-off, he should use it as ‘practice to make him better in bed’.

Most guys have an issue with control and what I like about the Fleshlight, is that it serves a dual purpose for both pleasure and stamina control. You can practice as much as you want with the Fleshlight, it feels better than your hand times ten, and at the same time you can train yourself to go the extra mile. Another cool thing is that is cleans up super easily.

We all jack off, its natural and sometimes you may want a little something extra or new to try. You won’t be disappointed if you try Fleshlight. In fact, if you do, you will probably never want to use your hand again. It’s definitely something to have around for those solo nights at home.

I like that the package it comes in is 100% discreet. The Fleshlight itself is also non obtrusive. When the cap is on, it looks just like a flashlight.

Click Here To Find Out More About The Stamina Tool

The Design
The Fleshlight looks similar to an elongated tube that resembles a flashlight on the outside. You open the lid and there is your very real female body part waiting for you. You can choose a vagina, mouth or butt. All of them are a super soft skin like material. The inserts are not made of rubber; but instead a patented material that is awarded for being the closest thing to skin available. I found it incredibly soft and the shape was perfect….it felt like a BJ. This “Superskin” as seen in the online videos, is absolutely amazing. The first time I saw it, I was shocked, by its realism.

By removing the skin insert and holding it under warm water, you can heat up the Superskin if you want it to be warm which is more accurate. You apply a little bit of their recommended lube and off you go.

While in use, you can loosen the cap on the back (other end) of the Fleshlight. This allows you to choose the level of suction or resistance during penetration. You can make the sensation as tight as you want. They have different sensitivity options as well: Ribbed, Regular, Tight, Super Tight and Ultra Tight.

I would say if you can go 15 minutes with the Fleshlight, you could last 15 minutes anywhere. AGAIN, I was astounded at how good the Fleshlight actually feels.

At the official website, you can customize your own to suit your wants. As I mentioned earlier, I choose the mouth insert, but am considering the vagina insert as well. Each insert comes in your choice of color too, pink or mocha to emulate a white or black lady. What’s really cool is that you can get different inserts to use with the same Fleshlight. The website is one of the best we have seen. Not only does it flow very easily and explain everything perfectly, they are not afraid of sexuality and feature many free erotic demonstrations.

The amazing thing is that it appears ladies are supportive of the Fleshlight. In fact, during my ‘Fleshlight review period’, I got caught using it by my wife, but she wasn’t pissed or freaked out. In fact – she was pretty cool but said I was “only allowed to use it when she was away”.

Click Here To Visit The Awesome Official Website

• A very pleasurable way to build stamina and confidence
• Your choice of Orifice and Sensation
• Retains heat like real skin
• Feels as close to sex as you can get without a girl.
• Can be used with a partner or solo
• Holds 5 US Patents for being just like the real deal.
• Discrete (know one knows what’s inside when the cap is on).
• Easy to clean.
• Non-Allergenic – No Latex
• You may have to get over the idea of buying a device like this
• Only available on the official website – not available in stores
Final Thoughts
The pressure to perform to be your best, to please your partner will always be there. Of course, no guy wants to mess around and come too quickly. This product, took me by surprise. As mentioned, I was a bit skeptical at first. When I saw the videos on the website that demonstrated exactly how the Fleshlight was used and how the Superskin felt - I was intrigued and it just plain looked cool. I will save you some of the more intimate details of my ‘research’ and just simply say that it’s a whole lot nicer than using a hand.

In the end, I really think that this thing can make a difference….either just for more pleasure or as a stamina trainer. For less about $60 bucks, you can custom design your own Fleshlight and you will get what feels like a hot chic. Like I said, I ordered the mouth configuration, and guys let me be very frank with you; it’s a whole lot like getting a blow job. I’m definitely looking forward to the vagina piece. Fleshlight is wild and takes a minute to get your head around. Bit if you try it, you will love it. You definitely have nothing to lose by trying it out. This is America’s #1 selling male ‘sex toy’. No company achieved such an award for no reason. We highly recommend Fleshlight.

Click Here To Find Out More About The Stamina Tool

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