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Sextacy Review Summary

Sextacy is a combination of illegal drugs and pharmaceutical medicines. This drug is illegally sold on the streets, and is often found in clubs and the bar scene. Sextacy is purported to enhance a man’s erection and allow them to experience heightened sensitivity and increased stamina.

We never recommend the use of controlled substances when it is not monitored by a doctor. Not only is it illegal to obtain prescription drugs without a doctor’s permission, but half of this drug is comprised of an illegal substance, and individuals run the risk of being caught by under-cover cops and being arrested, or far worse, accidently overdosing or causing unintentional harm to their health and body.

Sextacy at a Glance
This illegal drug is a combination of the street drug known as Ecstasy and the prescription drug, Viagra. Ecstasy is said to heighten a person’s sensitivity and heighten their tactile senses, while Viagra is said to enhance a man’s erection and is often prescribed for older men who are suffering from impotency.

This new street drug was first popularized in England and Australia, and is prevalent in the bar and club scene worldwide. It was first introduced to America in San Francisco, and is now growing in use and availability both nationwide and worldwide.

Sextacy in Depth
This new drug has become popular with past users of the drug, Ecstasy. This street drug is said to increase physical pleasure from touching, but also to disable a man’s sexual function. This is why it is now being combined with Viagra, which is meant to compensate for the decrease in sexual drive and function caused by Ecstasy.

Ecstasy is believed to have a number of dangerous side effects. In short term, it may cause nausea, jitters and other unpleasant side effects for some people. In the long term, it may cause irreversible liver damage and heart palpitations for some individuals. Though, what’s more scary, is that the long-term effects are not yet known, but some say that it may cause hole in the spinal cord. Furthermore, users of this drug run the risk of buying a “dirty” pill that contains very harmful substances.

However, when people combine Viagra with Ecstasy, the risks are dramatically increased and very dangerous. Currently, it is said that Sextacy may cause the following: heart failure, permanent heart problems, erections which do not subside and possibly lead to anatomical damage, and in severe cases amputation or permanent impotence.

Other Options
There is no doubt that most logical people have no intention of using Sextacy, but still may be looking for away to increase their sexual pleasure. We believe those men who would like to enhance the quality of their erections should look into a natural formula that contains Yohimbe. This ingredient is said to increase circulation throughout the genitals, which may cause men to experience firmer, longer lasting erections.

• None

• Drug is illegal
• May cause heart failure and death
• May cause permanent impotence
• May have scary long-term effects on the body
• Fairly expensive

Final Thoughts
In the end, people who are willing to put their lives and health at risk to try Sextacy may wish to reconsider and think of natural options to increase their sexual pleasure. People who use Sextacy run the risk of death, since this drug has been shown to potentially cause heart failure, even in young, healthy users. Furthermore, this drug has also been shown to cause permanent impotence in young people, and possibly ruin their sexual lifestyle for the duration of their life. Finally, this drug is also said to impair thought and the reasoning process, and may encourage individuals to participate in risky behavior, such as unprotected sex.

Fortunately, there are natural formulas on the market that are able to enhance a man’s sexual experience. We suggest men look into the above mentioned Yohimbe if they desire to enhance the quality of their erections.

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