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Sizable Review Summary

Sizable is a new product launched by Maximum International, a South Florida based company, founded in 1999. Maximum International has a rather extensive product line, which includes herbal extracts, strength training supplements, arthritis formulas and male enhancement products. They market their products throughout the United States.

Sizable is a product aimed at helping men deal with issues around their sexual performance. It is purported to accomplish a wide array of tasks, with a single formula. It’s publicized to create harder erections and cure mild sexual dysfunction; as well as enhance performance, self-confidence, sex drive and stamina. This is clearly a lot for one formula to achieve. We have seen claims like this before. Nevertheless, we will endeavor to cut through all the hype to get a clear picture of what this product can realistically accomplish.

Ingredients At A Glance
B6, Folate Acid and an undisclosed proprietary blend are the only ingredients listed for Sizable.

Vitamin B6 is a member of the B vitamin family. It is included in formulas such as this one, because a deficiency in B6 can affect sex hormone receptors.

Folate is a B vitamin, which is very important to human nutrition. It is also believed to aid in easing depression; showing promising results in clinical trials.

Ingredients In Focus
Maximum International has chosen to keep the ingredients in Sizable’s proprietary blend, a secret. The secrecy around this blend should not, in anyway, be taken as an indication of its effectiveness. We were very disappointed that the ingredients are not supplied to consumers. We believe it is extremely important to know what you are taking in terms of natural supplementation.

The two ingredients that are mentioned are possible low level aids in sexual enhancement. However, they may help with creating a feeling of overall well being. This is especially the case with Folate, which has shown some promise treating depression. Sizable is purported to increase blood flow to the penis, we don’t see how they can accomplish this with the information made available to us about its formula.

Sizable’s main ingredients remain a mystery to us, but in general, we believe that holistic formulas can be very valuable in a sexual fitness regime. Many formulas on the market take a very aggress stance in the development of their formulas, often including aggressive herbs, such as Yohimbe Extract and Damiana. Yohimbe Extract has shown excellent results in treating erection problems – it is a testosterone booster and increases blood flow to the penis.

Damiana is a very modern male aphrodisiac, which is used a great deal in Holland, to help men achieve a better sex life. Unfortunately, we have no idea if either of these herbs are included in the Sizable’s formulary.

Sizable’s name says it all, in a matter of speaking, because it is purported by its manufacturer to do the following: “Increase blood flow to the genitalia, helping men achieve a thicker and longer penis”. Unfortunately, there is no product, known to man, which can make a penis grow thicker or longer. These claims are made countless times by many products and still the results are always the same – it does not work. Natural supplements can be highly effective in enhancing other areas of male sexuality and function. They can aid in augmenting testosterone levels and increasing blood flow to the penis, as well as help increase stamina and libido. We can not say what effect Sizable would have on anyone taking it, because we do not know what is in its formula.

In general, the website for this product was extremely light on information, considering the promises it manufacture has made on the site. We would have liked to have seen research and information to support their claims.

• Contains B6 and Folate

• Does not disclose the ingredient in its proprietary blend
• Website is light on information
• Expensive
• Makes unrealistic claims of penis enlargement

Final Thoughts
Sizable is a product which would be best suited for men willing to take a chance on a formula, which does not fully disclose its ingredients. We believe that it is very important for men to know exactly what is in the sexual enhancement products they will be taking. Herbs can sometimes have side effects, as well as some drug interactions.

Sizable targets men who are seeking help with different types of sexual dysfunction and/or sexual problems; claiming a cure for “mild sexual dysfunction”. It also indicates that it can help with penis enlargement. We strongly believe there is no medicine, herbal extract or holistic method, short of surgery, which can help with penis enlargement.

However, we believe that holistic supplementation can be answer to some men’s sexual problems and issues. Herbal extracts such as Yohimbe Extract and Damiana, may help with certain types of male sexual problems. Unfortunately, we do not know if, either, of these herbs are included in Sizable’s formulary. Sizable is available for sale on the website for $49.99.

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