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Super Manhood

Super Manhood Review Summary

Balanceuticals is the developer of Super Manhood™, a supplement created to assist men to increase erection quality, last longer and increase sperm count. Balanceuticals creates products that use Chinese medicinal values and concepts to address a variety of issues. Chinese medicine has been used in China for thousands of years, and some of their formulas may have been highly effective in increasing sexual prowess. However, their formulas are usually created on a case-by-case basis to increase effectiveness. Mass producing these kinds of formulas may, then, prove to be problematic. We will take a closer look at Super Manhood™ to see if its formula may be too generic to provide any real results.

Ingredients at a Glance
Super Manhood™ claims to contain the following ingredients: Rehmannia Root, Fried Common Yam, Wolfberry Fruit, Chinese Dodder Seed, Eucommia Bark in Ginger, Fried Antler Glue, Asiatic Cornus Fruit, Chinese Angelica Root, Cinnamon Bark, Prepared Aconite, Lindera Root, Alpinia Fruit, Mantis Egg Case and Chinese Leek Seed.

Ingredients in Focus
In western medicine we are used to seeing a cause and effect when it comes to disease and treatment. In Chinese medicine, though, the concepts are very different, and to address sexual issues their formulas and treatments actually seek to strengthen the “kidney Qi to increase erection and withholding power for men, and to increase sperm count.” To do this they have included a variety of extracts in this formula. However, some of them may have very little to do with actually enhancing sexual function. This is an issue many consumers may have taken note of and discussed at length on forums and blogs.

Rehmannia root is derived from a plant that is indigenous to Japan, China and Korea. It has traditionally been used to increase vitality, as well as strengthen the liver, kidney, and heart. Practioners of Chinese medicine may often use it to address a variety of issues, including diabetes, anemia, and urinary tract problems. Recently it has started appearing in male sexual enhancement products, but it seems that its real abilities lie in helping women reduce cramps and urinary tract problems, as well as helping regulate menstrual flow—not in male enhancement.

This may also be the case with Yam Extract, which is often found in many formulas geared toward helping women ease and address symptoms involving menopause and PMS. Traditionally, it may have been used for this purpose, but it has not been used to augment male sexuality. Chinese Angelica Root, also known as Dang Gui, may often be used to address loss of appetite, gastrointestinal spasms and gas. Lindera Root may be used to alleviate pain and increase kidney Qi, and Asiatic Cornus Fruit appears to be traditionally used to increase and balance kidney Qi. Chinese Leek Seed may often be used to address impotence.

Sexual Lifestyle
While reviewing this formula, we were struck by the fact that this product does not seem to contain any of the more effective Chinese extracts traditionally used as sexual enhancers, such as Epimedium and Ginseng. These elements have been proven to be able to increase sex drive and stamina, as well as improve erectile performance. In fact, Ginseng has been shown in clinical studies to be able to help men with premature ejaculation last much longer and increase their sexual pleasure. The fact that these elements were not used, and extracts that are better suited to increase female sexual function and ease menopause were used instead, may be perplexing to both us and consumers.

• Company appears to disclose complete formula

• Does not appear to use proven sexuality enhancers such as Epimedium and Ginseng
• May contain elements that are better suited for women’s formulas

Final Thoughts
Some consumers may be drawn to formulas based on Chinese medicine, and for them this formula may seem like a viable option. However, we can’t help but think they may be disappointed in the performance of Super Manhood™ due to its rather lackluster formula, which is loaded with elements best suited for use in women’s formulas and quite light on male enhancement ingredients.

This developer has a history of creating traditional Chinese formulas, but it appears that they may have failed to use two of the more effective elements in this class of extracts—Epimedium and Ginseng. That said, the retail site this product is found on is offering it at a reduced price and is known for hassle-free returns, which is an asset that may come in handy for consumers who decide to give this product a try.

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