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Sustain for Men

Sustain for Men Review Summary

Sustain for Men by Lifestyles is advertised as a “scientifically-developed formula that is meant to effectively treat symptoms of sexual dysfunction”. Unfortunately, we did not see any of the research posted on the product’s website.

The product claims to have many health benefits and is marketed as supporting erectile function as well as prostate health. According to the advertisement, the formula works gradually with the body, and should be taken as part of an on-going health regimen for best results. We will take a closer look below.

Ingredients at a Glance
Sustain for Men consists of a blend of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that mainly support cardiovascular health. These include B vitamins, Zinc, Reserveratrol, and the amino acid L-Arginine. L-Arginine is often included in male enhancement formulas because it is the precursor to nitric oxide; by raising nitric oxide levels, erections can occur.

Ingredients in Focus
Reserveratrol is found in red wine and is thought to contain antioxidants; it is sometimes used in anti-aging formulas for its ability to support the immune system. It is unclear how useful it is in a sexual enhancement supplement.

B-Complex Vitamins are a group of vitamins that play an important role in the breakdown and use of energy sources, production of red blood cells and antibodies, and normal functioning of the nervous system. While it is necessary to get a daily dose of B vitamins, a dietary supplement is not the only source available. Most multi-vitamins contain the full spectrum.

Zinc is a mineral that primarily supports the immune system and promotes wound healing. It is available in a variety of food sources, and there are complications related to both zinc deficiency and toxicity of too much of this mineral, so it is important to be aware of how much you are obtaining each day.

Lifestyle Benefits
For men experiencing symptoms of erectile dysfunction such as premature ejaculation, inability to get or maintain an erection or loss of sex drive, an oral supplement may be a desirable option. A wide variety of herbal formulas are available – herbs are generally cheaper, more convenient, and more supportive of reproductive health than pharmaceutical drugs requiring a prescription, and they have fewer side effects associated with them. This particular formula simply contains a blend of vitamins and minerals and does not appear to have a great impact on overall sexual health.

Most herbal formulas contain ingredients that have aphrodisiac properties for boosting the libido. Two popular herbs from the Amazon rainforest are Catuaba and Muira Puama; these have been used traditionally in their native land for centuries and have been shown to relieve fatigue and increase stamina as well as increasing sex drive. No side effects have been associated with either one and the results are said to be heightened when combined with one another. For men looking for the most potent blend of herbal extracts, products that include both of these herbs should be sought.

• Ingredients are listed
• Contains basic vitamins

• Does not contain herbal extracts
• No testimonials posted
• Company does not offer a money-back guarantee
• No research on product is provided

Final Thoughts
We appreciate that Sustain for Men uses all-natural ingredients in its formula and that it includes some vitamins and minerals that are essential for maintaining overall health.

In the end, we feel the formula would benefit from the inclusion of potent extracts with aphrodisiac properties for a greater increase in sexual desire. As discussed, Catuaba and Muira Puama have been shown to be effective in enhancing sex drive. These two are thought to have a synergistic effect with Horny Goat Weed – using a product that contains all three can enhance sex drive, stamina and sensations, allowing for a more satisfying sexual experience.

With so many options available to men for improving sexual health, it may be difficult to choose the most effective formula. It is important to not overlook any crucial element; seeking the most potent blend of herbal extracts that has been shown to work for years, can help the feelings of disappointment become a thing of the past and an active sex life, something to look forward to on a regular basis.

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