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VIP Urut Batin

VIP Urut Batin Review Summary

It is a common phenomenon in the male sexuality market that some developers promote their products, devices and services as being able to increase the size of the penis. However, we have never actually come across a product which may deliver on this particular claim. While the sexuality enhancement market has been quite successful in augmenting pleasure and erectile function by using elements, such as Yohimbe, it has not been as successful in augmenting penis size.

VIP Urut Batin is advertised as being a unique service that may increase the overall size of the penis, as well as achieve a higher level of erectile function. Let’s take a look at this service to see if it may have anything new to add to the market.

System at a Glance
VIP Urut Batin is a massage-based service, which uses a variety of techniques garnered from different aspects of massage to enable individuals to de-stress, in order to increase sexual performance. They also indicate that their techniques may enlarge a man’s penis through directly affecting pressure points and meridians connected with sexuality.

System in Focus
VIP Urut Batin is comprised of a series of massage techniques. The first one is called "Champissage", which is designed to enable the client to relax and de-stress by applying pressure and massage to the neck, shoulder and scalp. They rightfully point out that stress and tension may have a negative effect on sexual desire and performance, so this technique may well enable some men to achieve a higher level of sexual function.

The “patented Sexflexology" section of the treatment comes next, and it consists of foot reflexology in which nerves, meridians and energy points are stimulated on the feet. These points are purported to be connected to the “penis, testes, bladder and other organs of the male genital-urinary (sexual) system”.

In the next section, the actual “Urut Batin Treatment” begins, and “warm towels are applied to the penis and groin to stimulate blood flow and relax muscles, ligaments and tendons”. When this is completed, another series of warm towels and Duroil™ herbal enhancement oil are applied to the penis, which is followed by “deep tissue massage”.

Sexual Lifestyle
Urut Batin is purported to remove blood flow blockages, increase blood circulation in the penis, stretch the corpora cavernosa, improve muscle tone and stimulate the body's production of testosterone. There is no research posted on this website as of review to support its use in either augmenting male sexual function or penis size. They also do not post any before and after photos or testimonials by satisfied customers. In fact, many men reported that they found this “massage” to be invasive, and in some cases painful. They also don’t indicate who actually performs the treatments, or what their credentials are.

• Massage treatment

• Not a direct method of augmenting sexuality, but it may decrease stress
• Will not increase penis size

Final Thoughts
The VIP Urut Batin treatment may enable some men to “loosen up, de-stress and relax”, which, in turn, may inadvertently enable them to have a more positive attitude toward sex. It may also feel good to some men, but others have reported that they found it to be invasive and painful.

However, we see no indication that it may actually assist men in performing better or increasing the size of their penis – regardless of what this developer would have us believe. At this time, they fail to post research data, pictures or testimonials written by satisfied individuals who had undergone this process and achieved better erection quality, sexual performance or a larger penis.

We have seen men achieve some really significant improvements in erectile functionality when using orally-based holistic supplementation. For instance, this massage technique is suggested to augment testosterone production, but we see no proof that it may deliver on this claim; however, Tribulus Terrestris is a natural herbal extract which has been shown to directly increase testosterone production, thereby augmenting sex drive and erection quality.

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