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VRX2 Review Summary

The front page of VRX2’s website displays multiple links and all of the flash one would hope for from a reliable, high-quality supplement. Unfortunately, a couple of quick clicks reveals that at least for the moment, those links are nothing but decoration, and browsers are quickly directed to the frustrating “Not Found” error page, at the time of this review.

Some manufacturers manage to present all of the relevant information about their product in a limited amount of space, but VRX2’s ingredient list, testimonials, FAQ section, and even its ordering page are all hidden behind broken links at the time of this review. This is understandable to a degree – putting together marketing materials, especially something as complex as a web site, takes time. However, many consumers might be rightfully hesitant about trying VRX2 without first taking in the full range of information available.

Ingredients At A Glance
As previously discussed, the details on the VRX2 site are somewhat limited, but this product does contain Horny Goat Weed and Velvet Deer Antler, both of which have been used to increase stamina and libido.

Ingredients In Focus
Contrary to what its name suggests, Velvet Deer Antler supplements are not made from the fuzzy velvet that grows over antlers during certain times of year. Antlers are typically collected when the antler has reached its full size, just before the cartilage has hardened into bone. Deer are not physically harmed during this process, and will grow new antlers the following year, as is the natural process.

Studies analyzing the medicinal properties of velvet deer antler revealed that they contained high levels of growth hormone, which is likely what helps them to grow at such an incredible rate. These hormones may be used to supplement human growth hormones that decrease with age and cause muscle atrophy. Sex hormones estrogen and testosterone also wane as we get older, and velvet deer antler has similar applications for modulating these levels as well. In men, this may help to stimulate growth in the seminal vesicles and prostate glands, leading to greater potency and virility.

Lifestyle Benefits
According to the product web page, VRX2 is designed to treat erectile dysfunction as well as intensify the experience of sex. The accuracy of these claims is difficult to determine without knowing the product’s full list of ingredients, but consumers may be able to glean some insights into what to look for (and what not to look for) in a sexual enhancement supplement.

Although Velvet Deer Antler is a mainstay of traditional Chinese medicine, Western research is scarce. Its main advantage seems to be its purported ability to increase testosterone levels, which will not only help to increase libido, but it also helps to reduce the risk of bone and muscle depletion that often comes with age or overtraining. Those who are interested in supplementing testosterone may also want to check out the herb Tribulus Terrestris, which is thought to have similar effects but is much more widely used.

Another herb not mentioned in VRX2’s brief summary is Yohimbe. This is another ingredient is another one to watch, as it has been shown to be a very reliable treatment for erectile dysfunction, and unlike prescription pills that do nothing to increase the libido, Yohimbe actually stimulates the part of the brain that is responsible for the sex drive.

• Contains Horny Goat Weed
• When complete, the product website will include testimonials and an FAQ section

• Product does not appear to contain Yohimbe
• No mention of a free trial sample
• Website was incomplete at time of review

Final Thoughts
Although the manufacturer provides only limited information on VRX2, it is still possible to glean a few details. The product boasts that its two main ingredients, Velvet Deer Antler and Horny Goat Root, will help to relieve the frustration of erectile dysfunction. However, the website makes no mention of Yohimbe in the product. Yohimbe is still the only herb to be favorably recognized by the FDA for the treatment of this problem.

It is also important to keep in mind that most high-quality supplements have all vital information posted prominently online as soon as the product hits store shelves, so that consumers can make an informed decision. Ultimately, the supplements that contain the best and purest ingredients have the least to hide.

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