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ViaPal hGH N

ViaPal hGH N Review Summary

ViaPal hGH N is a combination of three different supplements; it is claimed that this combo pack may lead to optimal sexual functioning, as well as cardiovascular functions. ViaPal hGH N is manufactured by The Lin Institute, and constitutes the following: Viagrowth IV, MoodMax and ArgiNOx. It is claimed that the sexual enhancement supplement combo is “so potent and powerful, we recommend it for our older customers.”

As such, the dosage requirements may be quite disheartening: over 8 tablets a day seems to be the suggested dosage. We will therefore take a closer look at the individual components of ViaPal hGH N; we will also look at the ingredients in Viagrowth IV, and conclude whether the combo formula may really be an effective product with potential benefits as a male enhancement formula, or whether there may be better products on the market.

Ingredients at a Glance
Right away, we are struck by the sheer number of ingredients contained in the three formulas. Viagrowth IV alone seems to contain as many as 35 different ingredients. We are really puzzled by the rather eclectic collection of unfamiliar ingredients; furthermore, we are concerned about whether taking so many of these ingredients simultaneously may have some negative health impact.

Ingredients in Focus
The potpourri of ingredients contained in the three formulas are as follows: Bioperine®, Tribulus Terrestris, Epimedium, Amino Acids Blend, Minerals including 79mg of Calcium, Cuscuta Seed Extract, Muira Puama, Gingko Biloba, Asian Red Ginseng, Panax Ginseng Saw Palmetto Berry, Catuaba Bark Extract, Hawthorn Berry and Damiana.

We like some of these ingredients. For instance, Panax Ginseng is widely and variously believed to be an adaptagen, an aphrodisiac and a stimulant, among other things. Muira Puama is a shrub native to Brazil and known for its aphrodisiac properties. Similarly, Catuaba and Damiana may also be really popular. However, we believe a product should have the minimum number of ingredients needed to boost testosterone and increase libido.

Alternative Formulas
It may be worth noting that the Lin Institute promotes a number of other combinations of supplements as part of its Viapal hGH series. For instance, Viapal hGH P comprises of Viagrowth IV, DopaFibra and Moodmax, while Viapal hGH J comprises of Viagrowth III, MoodMax and DopaFibra. While we like that Viagrowth contains simple ingredients, we believe the best formula contains the minimum number of ingredients. Furthermore, we believe the best products will be marketed through an official and exclusive website and come with guarantee offers.

• Contains simple extracts, including L-Carnitine

• None of the formulas contain Yohimbine
• No money-back guarantees as of this review
• No online testimonials as of this review
• May not really boost sexual performance that much
• Seems to contain too many ingredients for one formula

Final Thoughts
In the end, some people may be skeptical of the combo deal, because the manufacturer promotes so many of them. As mentioned above, there’s not only Viapal hGH N, but also Viapal hGH P, Viapal hGH J, Viapal hGH O and so on. Furthermore, the product does not seem to have an official and exclusive website, whereby production standards and concentration of ingredients are discussed. Potential customers may also be disconcerted by the sheer number of pills they have to take every day for claimed results.

Therefore, it probably boils down to whether people are willing to trust in a formula with seemingly dubious standards, scant evidence and inundated with numerous mediocre ingredients. Using a safe, yet effective sexual enhancement product may greatly improve a person’s overall lifestyle by the virtue of improving their sex life.

However, we believe that only those with proven short-term and long-term results may be worth looking into. Especially, those with excellent customer service, backed by hotlines and exclusive online portals explaining the product, may be genuine. Finally, if a supplement contains an effective combination of proven aphrodisiacs and comes with an unconditional money-back guarantee, it may be ideal.

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