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Vigor Max Review Summary

The fact is there are some really effective male sexuality enhancers on the market, but there are also others which have a really weak ingredient base, and still others that contain dangerous elements. We find the latter is the case with Vigor-Max™, which is sold under the brand name, Hue Of; manufactured in China and sold in Canada by Shenlong Natural International Inc. However, in the past, it was sold on numerous international sites and auction sites around the world – until it was found to contain the prescription medication, Tadalafil.

Ingredients at a Glance
Recently, Canadian officials discovered that Vigor-Max™ contains Tadalafil, a pharmaceutical-grade medication, which has been approved for addressing male erectile dysfunction in the U.K., Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, New Zealand, Australia and Singapore. It is not approved for sale in Canada. The fact is, while Tadalafil is often valuable in addressing ED when prescribed by a doctor, it may cause severe adverse reactions - especially when used in a product that is clearly labeled “all natural”, and which does not disclose its use of Tadalafil.

The label on this product actually indicates that it contains Ginseng, Epimedium, Polygonum Multiflorum, Ligustrum Lucidum and Curculigo Orchioldes. In fact, some of these elements are potent sexuality enhancers, which are actively sought out by some savvy individuals. Both Ginseng and Epimedium are known to ease erectile fatigue, as well as increase stamina and desire.

Ingredients in Focus
Tadalafil is often called the "weekend pill" because it may last up to 36 hours, thereby giving people more control over their erections and sexuality. Erections are actually instigated by increased penile blood flow, which is caused by the relaxation of penile arteries and corpus cavernosal smooth muscle, which in turn instigates the release of nitric oxide. This chain reaction then leads to the synthesis of cGMP in smooth muscle cells, which ultimately causes the penis to become erect.

Tadalafil is effective because it is a PDE5 inhibitor, meaning that it blocks this chemical in order to increase the amount of cGMP in the penis, thereby augmenting erectile function. This has been shown to be an efficient way to increase the hardness and longevity of erections.

We have trouble understanding why this developer feels the need to use this element when there are other effective herbal extracts that actively increase erectile function. In fact, Yohimbe, an aphrodisiac, has an innate and proven ability to increase both blood flow and cGMP in the penis – naturally and safely.

Sexual Lifestyle
Tadalafil is a pharmaceutical-grade medication, which we strongly believe should not be “slipped” into a holistic formula. Clearly, this is an unethical practice, but it also may be a dangerous one, due to the fact that this medication may have many contraindications and side effects associated with its use. It is said Tadalafil cannot be used by men who are currently taking any medication or other products containing nitrates. This is because if they are used together, it is thought individuals may develop a life threatening version of low blood pressure.

Tadalafil may have some common side effects, such as facial flushing, headaches, upset stomach, diarrhea, flu-like symptoms and nausea; many of these side effects are due to its ability to cause blood vessels to widen. For the most part, these side effects usually ease after a few hours. However, the back pain and muscle aches may still occur up to 12 to 24 hours after taking the drug. There may also be other, more serious side effects, such as blurred vision, changes in color vision and abnormal ejaculation.

Also, Tadalafil has been associated with prolonged erections or priapism, which is a painful erection that may last as long as 6 hours or more, and may require medical intervention.

• None

• May cause many dangerous side effects
• Dissatisfied consumers have begun speaking out about the poor results this product has produced. To hear about their negative experiences, you can click here to read a number of posts in this Vigor-Max blog.
• Inappropriate use of Tadalafil

Final Thoughts
The fact that Vigor-Max™ contains Tadalafil makes it impossible for us to recommend using it; although it has been removed from the market. However, there are many ethically created and potent all-natural sexuality enhancers available on the market, designed to increase erectile functioning. For instance, a combination of Damiana and Yohimbe has been shown to be extremely potent in this venue.

Research shows Damiana stimulates the nerve endings in the penis to enhance both pleasure and erection hardness; while Yohimbe increases blood flow and cGMP in the penis to instigate harder, longer lasting and fuller feeling erections.

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