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Vivaxa – Orgasm Control Gel

Vivaxa – Orgasm Control Gel Review Summary

Lack of sexual stamina is a seldom discussed but potentially devastating sexual condition. Not only does poor sexual stamina lead to humiliation for a man, it also may shortchange the pleasure experienced by his female partner. Because this brevity of sexual performance may be misunderstood by a woman as male “selfishness,” it may lead to profound feelings of resentment. For a man, the sense of inadequacy and insecurity associated with poor stamina may discourage him from initiating sex at all. This may spiral into significant emotional issues between the couple, and result in a sexual and romantic impasse.

Vivaxa™ is a topical male sexual enhancement product that has been specifically formulated to prolong and bolster sexual stamina. This product utilizes a meticulously balanced formula designed to increase stamina without compromising erection strength. Many stamina-enhancing products seem to increase longevity at the expense of turgidity, sensation, and intensity. Some of these products, which use numbing ingredients to forestall ejaculation, might inadvertently cause numbing to the female partner. Not with Vivaxa™, which has been scientifically designed to enhance performance without compromising her pleasure. We were pleased to find that the manufacturer of this product confidently offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, allowing users to try it without risk.

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Ingredients in Focus
Vivaxa™ features two active ingredients, Calmosensine,™ a patented dermal soothing agent, and Peptide 171, a potent erection enhancer. One of the most distinct advantages of this formulation is its direct and rapid transdermal delivery. When applied directly to the penis, 95% of the product is said to be assimilated by the body, as opposed to the reported 5% absorption rate of pill formulations. Within seconds of application to the penis, this product is said to strengthen the power and duration of an erection.

Another important innovation devised specifically for this product is its instant evaporation and incorporation into the skin. This fast absorption prevents the transfer of any desensitizing effects to the female partner. Studies have shown that the ingredient Calmosensine™ is able to fortify the skin against feelings of irritation or unpleasant sensation, enabling prolonged performance without discomfort. The ingredient Peptide 171 enhances and maximizes the strength of the erection, allowing both endurance and optimal virility. Because the female partner does not incur any sort of numbness with this product, the extra time greatly increases her chances of reaching an orgasm.

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Sexual Benefits
This product has the potential to enhance not only the duration of the sexual act, but its overall quality. For men, there is no way to quantify the added confidence that comes with knowing that his stamina will endure. A man who is not troubled by concerns of “minute-man” performance is also likely to have an increased sense of virility, assertiveness, and sex appeal. It is generally well-known that women are irresistibly drawn to a man who is truly secure in his ability to please his partner and sustain a vigorous and powerful erection. This confidence is projected in all areas of a man’s life, and adds to his fundamental sense of masculinity.

A woman, in addition to enjoying her partner’s newfound sexual prowess and confidence, can also relax in the knowledge that she will not be shortchanged by the experience. The prospect of mutual satisfaction and pleasure may bring a new sense of passion and intensity to the act of sex. On an emotional level, couples can begin to interact at a new level of intimacy and connection, each knowing that their needs are being met. The infusion of a powerful new element to their sex lives can awaken long-dormant feelings of lust, playfulness and affection.

• Fast-acting topical formulation has a 95% absorption rate
• Product begins working within seconds of application
• Dissolves instantly, preventing desensitization of female partner
• Enhances erection strength while significantly improving stamina
• Their customers love them and have enthusiastic things to say about their experiences. You can check out what these customers have say by reading this popular Vivaxa Blog.

• Product does not function as a contraceptive
• At time of review, product is not yet sold in stores

Final Thoughts
For years, researchers have endeavored to formulate a sexual enhancement product that effectively boosts stamina without forsaking erection strength or female sensitivity. We believe that with this product, this goal may finally have been achieved. This product’s careful calibration to a man’s erectile and stamina needs has resulted in a unique ability to super-charge erectile strength while promoting impressive endurance. For women, this product affords a passionate, long-lasting sexual session that gives her time, arousal, and pleasure to spare. The use of top-notch ingredients and a superior delivery method enables this product to be assimilated and take effect almost immediately. This provides both physical and psychological benefits to the man and to his female partner, adding to the excitement and anticipation of the act.

Couples who may be suffering from poor sexual stamina may needlessly tolerate this physiological problem, incorrectly assuming that the problem is rooted in their relationship. Unfortunately, this may place a strain on an otherwise loving, intimate bond. It is our belief that this product has the ability to easily correct the physiological source of the problem, and thereby rectify the insecurity, disappointment and conflict that may result.

For both men and women, this product has the potential to increase confidence and security, enhance overall sexual desire and intensity, and allow for deeper relaxation and stimulation. Men, especially, are freed from the worry that they will not perform adequately, and instead are able to simply enjoy sex. This tends to radiate the sort of confidence and self-assurance that is the very essence of masculinity.

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