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XGenus Oil

XGenus Oil Review Summary

XGenus is purported to enlarge a man’s penis, which is an attribute many men look for in a sexuality enhancer. However, it is also said to be imbued with the ability to create harder and more intense erections, as well as augment blood flow, sensation and sensitivity. This company was founded in 1991 in Singapore. They say that their products have assisted “thousands” of men in regaining their sexual health. However, these are claims we have seen made by countless product developers, some of which are extremely effective, using elements such as Yohimbe and Tribulus Terrestris, while others use rather weak elements. Let’s take a look at the concepts and the ingredients used to create this product to see how effective it may or may not be.

Ingredients at a Glance
XGenus is advertised as containing a little known extract called Hirudo Medicinalis, which is derived from a leech that is indigenous to Borneo, an area located between Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei. It is true that this island has an unmatched biodiversity with 15,000 species of plants and 230 species of animal species, but this may not ensure that all of the extracts and essences found there are effective. Nevertheless, let’s take a look at this element to see what it may have to offer.

Ingredients in Focus
Medical leeches, such as Hirudo Medicinalis, have a long history of being used in both modern medicine and traditional medicine. Traditionally they have been used to remove blood excess from individuals to “rebalance" their systems, and more specifically, it was used to alleviate issues such fever and inflammation, because they were believed to be caused by too much blood in the body.

However, in modern medicine their use has been far more specific and focused. They have been used to ease blood coagulation and relieve venous pressure due to pooling blood, particularly after plastic surgery. They have also been used to stimulate circulation after operations to reattach eye lids, fingers and ears.

This product uses secretions from this organism in their topical sexuality enhancer, which is applied directly to the penis. While it is true that Hirudin is a highly effective anticoagulant, which, as noted above, may perform some fairly incredible feats in terms of organ reattachment, this does not mean it may or will increase the size of the penis or increase its performance.

Sexual Lifestyle
They also suggest that it contains a Histamine and is a vasodilator, “that can increase diameter of the blood capillaries thereby increasing blood flow and size”. However, here too we find no evidence that it may actually achieve this result. The only element we know that may act directly on the penis to increase vasodilatation and performance is Yohimbe.

Yohimbe contains an element called Yohimbine, which has been used medicinally for many decades as a traditional male aphrodisiac in order to boost male sexual desire. In fact, several researchers who recently reviewed studies conducted on this element, found that Yohimbine was an effective method of increasing penile blood flow, which is needed for optimal erectile functioning. It was also found to directly and quickly augment the levels of cGMP in the penis. This is important, because cGMP plays an integral role in the stimulation and maintenance of erections. So much so that many manufacturers of pharmaceutical-grade erection enhancers also seek to augment these levels. These are the kinds of results that are not available for Hirudo Medicinalis at this time.

• Fairly comprehensive website

• Main element, Hirudo Medicinalis, has not been shown to increase sexual functioning
• Does not contain any known sexuality boosters

Final Thoughts
Products such as XGenus, which use new technology to try to augment sexuality, are often heavily desired. However, new does not necessarily guarantee success, and in this case, we remain unconvinced that this product may increase sexual function or increase the size of a man’s penis. In reality, we find there are no products currently available that may directly increase penis size, but there are formulas that may significantly increase the hardness and frequency of erections, so much so that individuals often say that their penis feels bigger and fuller.

We find the most effective formulas will almost always use a combination of Ginseng, Yohimbe and Tribulus Terrestris. We find it truly unfortunate that none of these are used in XGenus. This is because separately they are very effective, but when they are used together, they augment each other’s strengths in order to optimize results.

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